Raphael toured Spain in the midst of the health crisis “which is still going on, but which is no longer like a year ago”

Asked how the pandemic has affected his life and the music industry, the Spanish singer Raphael commented that he has learned to take care of himself, because “this virus does not have good intentions and you have to take care of yourself and protect yourself from it, what can you do? to do? that is still queuing but that it is not like a year ago. “

Raphael, one of the Spanish singers who has sold the most records in his career and who has reaped success among several generations, affirmed the Wednesday in Bilbao (Spain) that his “best platform” has always been himself, and that he must take care of himself “to always be fresh with a good voice and, to last many years”.

We are going into orbit and getting out of that huge crisis that has been and that is still in the making but that is no longer like a year ago.

The veteran singer, who last year turned 60 years on stage, has spoken in an interview with Efe about his extensive personal experience in the world of music, before participating in the first day of the International Meeting of the Spanish, European and Latin American Music Industry in Bilbao, BIME Pro.

After stating that his profession He “goes crazy” and he “likes it very much”, he has kept his 78 years who, for now, do not think about retiring.

“When I am going to retire neither I know, nor does anyone know; there is a topic for a while”, he has sentenced.

Questioned by what he has learned throughout his artistic career in the world of music, he has revealed that “at all times he has known” what he had to learn from the music industry and when it was time and it was not time to learn “.

” Because there is a time when you have to dedicate yourself to working with a blindfold and there is another time to To leave the study, to improve, to change things, to rest “, he explained.

” I am not sorry for anything I have done because everything I have done has helped me, even That it could not be well has helped me not to do it again. I do not deny anything “, he added. “Everything has been challenges”.

“Because we have already reached 60 years of trajectory and continue filling the theaters, the auditoriums, is a daily challenge. There are people who will talk to me a hundred times and still see me “seen, he added.

Questioned about whether he has any relevant artist with whom to collaborate, after having made several discs of duets, the last one in 2019, has admitted: “Some remain, but I have recorded many, many nationals, as well as foreigners, as pear singers, I think I have recorded almost everyone” .

“And those that I lack, with a little patience, record with them,” he warned.

Asked if he has any dreams left to fulfill in his career, has opined: “I think so, but I have a good habit that all dreams all the illusions that I have and have had and, I have done them or I just do them. Sooner or later, I end up doing them “, he remarked.

” I am not an artist who has been left wanting to do anything , I have always done what I wanted “, he emphasized.

Raphael is currently on tour in Spain with his latest album, “Raphael 6.0”, with the songs he always sang and never wanted to record, until now, accompanied by twelve great friends and song stars such as Alejandro Sanz, Pablo Alborn and Pablo Lpez, among others.

Next week they will perform in other Spanish cities such as Malaga and Granada, the following Barcelona and in mid-November, Madrid in.