Phil Collins accused of not bathing, I will have to testify about that

Phil Collins is in a legal battle with his ex-partner for a mansion in Miami. One of the many allegations against him is that the musician did not bathe. And I will have to testify in court about that.

Orianne Cevey, whom the English musician married in 1999 and repeated link in 2015 , maintains that he did not brush his teeth for months he stopped showering and became “depressed and abusive and unable to have sexual relations” due to his addictions.

Immediately the singer’s lawyers came out in his defense by declaring that these comments are “scandalous, unethical and, for the most part, patently false or grossly exaggerated”, as well as being “totally irrelevant” in the dispute over the house.

The lawsuit between them goes back 15 years. In 2006, when they separated, she moved a man into Collins’ house in Miami.

According to Cevey, he promised that if he separated from the person with whom Alive she was going to give him the 50% of the mansion of her house in Florida and since now the artist, according to her, does not want to keep her word, is fighting in court because that is recognized.

Meanwhile, Collins, 70, seeks in justice that she leaves the mansion in Miami, where she lives with her current partner.

Collins’ affidavit will be in December, when his current musical tour concludes.

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