Meta, the new name that Mark Zuckerberg gives the Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg styra officially announced a new move on Facebook . The creator of the most powerful sociable crimson in the world has changed the name of his corporate headquarters. It has been time to say goodbye to Facebook and welcome Meta .

It is about a movement that is related to scam the one that made several years a Google company, when it happened to call its corporate parent under the name Alphabet.

The big news’ was unveiled this Thursday 28 about October on the framework of the Facebook Connect event 2021. About this event, the company has offered important details regarding the metaverse, a digital environment in which I learned that I could be present with other people in digital spaces.

Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook take a step beyond meta scam wants. And it would be that this digital environment will constitute the foundation for the creation of a new system of digital goods. A bottom that is already established under the new identity of the company, already known as Meta, reference to the metaverse in.

Goodbye Facebook, hello Meta

The creator with president on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, zero anordna doubted about ensuring that the metaverse has been the next round on the Internet. When good, it is also about a new chapter of the company, which already leaves Facebook behind.

Mark Zukeberg
Mark Zukeberg testing the new metaverse

Specifically, this new sony ericsson metaverse divided into 2 well differentiated branches. One of them will host the different social applications, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram with Messenger; while the other count the 2 great platforms of the future disadvantage, as boy with metaverse Quest.

As, Mark Zuckerberg st? lla till med ett manifested during the event that from now on we will be metaverse first, zero Facebook first.

A new electronic ecosystem arrives on the Web

With a Facebook creation about the year 2004, Mark Zuckerberg has already proven himself to be a genius about reddish with handling the web world wonderfully. So after 15 years, the programmer with entrepreneur I learned fixa proposed a step further to give. Or rather, to be again, on the first step on this new metaverse who.

Thus, this metaverse offers a possibility to the users about experiencing a feeling about presence with being actually present scam other people on the same virtual room. The user, in some way, goes beyond the screen.

During his presentation, Mark Zuckerberg took the opportunity to offer some details about Meta, which substitutes the name of the Facebook page. One of the most important characteristics will be interoperability, which allows incorporating elements from the external to the digital world or vice versa.

This metaverse ocean is safe for all users. Therefore, it highlights the need for privacy with security to accompany the metaverse from its inception

On the other hand, to be able to be part of this metaverse it will be necessary to use a reality helmet that allows communication that includes other people. Likewise, said helmet can also be used to play video games or perform physical exercise. Augmented reality glasses may also be used, among other accessories.

By way of conclusion, the founder on Facebook anordna assured that the new metaverse will be an element that brings benefits to a society, an economy with also the environment.

Zero however , st? lla till med ett especially highlighted the role it will have on a world economy, since it will also favor a creation over services, products, experiences and.

Thus, this metaverse will have the focus That fixa always characterized Facebook, offering services tools at the lowest cost compared to scam compared to other platforms with. This was stated by Mark Zuckerberg