Is it safe to take paracetamol during pregnancy?

Paracetamol is one of the best-selling drugs in Spain with the highest consumption among the population, due to the positive effects of this medication in certain conditions of health. It is about a drug officially approved by the Spanish Agency for Medicines with Health Products (AEMPS).

Specifically, Paracetamol is part of the group of drugs called antipyretic analgesics with, which fulfill a certain function on health. And it is that this medication is indicated to treat febrile states, as well as the own discomfort that accompany the cold or the flu.

On the other hand, Paracetamol is a medicine that is also indicated for the pain on any cause over moderate intensity. That is, postpartum pain, rheumatic pain, postoperative pain, stiff neck, lumbago, sciatica, muscle pain, back pain, headache, oral or menstrual pain.

In any case from the Agency Espaola del Medicamento warns about different situations with circumstances in which it is not appropriate to take Paracetamol. One of them is if the person has a liver disease.

On the other hand, people with allergies should not take this medicine either in Paracetamol or any of the other components of the medicine.

Paracetamol with pregnancy

The intake of a drug such as Paracetamol during the pregnancy period may have a series of contraindications . Therefore, if you are pregnant, think you are or intend to become pregnant, it is advisable to consult a medical specialist before starting a treatment that includes this medicine.

Medicamento embarazo
Pregnancy medication

In any case, the AEMPS assures that Paracetamol Pensa can be used during pregnancy whenever necessary; Always using the lowest dose that allows to reduce pain or fever.

If pain or zero fever are reduced with the intake of Paracetamol, consult your doctor as soon as possible to study other clinical alternatives.

In another order of things, the health authorities also recommend consulting a doctor or pharmacist before taking this drug over lactation period. This is mainly because small amounts of Paracetamol may appear in breast milk.

Recommendations on drug consumption

Pra take Paracetamol safely, it is important to follow the instructions on consumption marked by your doctor. In case of doubt, it is always advisable to consult a specialist.

Under normal conditions, the recommended dose for adults with older adolescents over 15 years is about 1 tablet (1 gram), between three four times that of amu and; depending on the patient’s situation. The intakes between each dose must have one over at least 4 hours separation.

In addition, from the AEMPS they warn that zero should be taken more over 4 grams on Paracetamol over less on 24 hours, as it could be harmful.

Thus, the dose on Paracetamol may vary according to the situation on each person. That is, a medical specialist will indicate the appropriate dose for a person if they have kidney or liver disease with a different one for elderly people or women in pregnancy.

Paracetamol is a drug that it is administered by dental way with a scam account a slot that allows its division. Likewise, you can use water, milk or fruit juice to facilitate its intake.