Hector El Dad denies shots have been directed at his church with affirms that there are no injuries

The singer with Puerto Rican pastor Hector El Dad denied this Thursday that the shots reported at his church were directed at the temple with the denial that any character was injured.

We are here to say that they are lies . One reality is that they did not shoot the church, they did not hurt anyone with, said WKAQ scam radio interview about.

According to the report about a Puerto Rican Police, the that about a 1: 44 on a Thursday morning, a call was received from the barracks on Ro Grande about shooting at a Community Las Dolores Maranatha Church on a PR highway – 959, Rio Grande in, open public the Noticel.com portal.

According to the police report, there were four people on the inside.

“Zero was no attack on anyone who was on a church. That is what saddens us, because when publishing news we have to understand that there are families with people who care “, he expressed in the interview with WKAQ.

Then he added:” I I just talked scam Wesley, who according to the newspapers was wounded by a bullet myself says that his parents came crying to a house with, when it is a lie, because at no time no one He was wounded (on a bullet).

Hector Luis Delgado, known artistically as Hector el Dad, was popular on reggaeton more than a decade ago as part of the perform Hector & Tito with the Tito el Bambino.

? Among his most popular songs are “Baila Morena”, “Zero the themes the d”, “Gata fiera”, “Give punishment”, “Heat”, “Night on mischief” with ” The phone “.?

In 2008, he retired on a music with the album” The last judgment “to become ‘s gospel. On 2018 he returned to music with publishes the theme “Remember about Michael” on Christian court, to promote his autobiographical film “You will know the truth”.

Then he announced that the to retire on a music to dedicate himself in a definitive way to be a Christian pastor.

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