Fefita a Grande shows her most vulnerable side

Fefita a Grande showed her most vulnerable side as a woman. A veteran merenguera spoke about her private life, her career, her fight against this cancer with how she would like to die.

The great sovereign underwent a change in look at the hands of the stylist with fashionista Jomari Goyso , who gave her a simple make-up, changed her blonde wig for a brown one with.

During a transformation an old Fefa spoke about her fight against cancer: I lasted a year with eight months scam Cancer with never stopped me personally about working, she gave me one with me, I was going to work chemo.

Fefita said that sometimes she is surprised about an energy that the sus 78 years. Likewise, he confessed that he is not afraid of death with revealing how he wants to leave this land.

I have a meringue that I get that says that, when God gives myself luck, I want to die on a stage About a performance, I think that would be a happier death over my life. My life is my audience, applause, he said.

The singer cried about her deceased daughter with how much a stranger.