Diego Boneta says goodbye to his most challenging character: Luis Miguel

About 17 to 50 years. That was the journey that Diego Boneta made as Luis Miguel, the most challenging character of his career, in the Netflix series that opens its third season with the last season on Thursday.

We know that this period is the last one. season, so we really want to drop everything, Boneta told reporters on a video call. This project absorbed absolutely all the senses in me, like no other.

For his interpretation of the nicknamed Sol sobre Mxico over the last few years, Boneta, who is also one of the executive producers on Luis Miguel: The Series, required six hours on makeup, wigs with prosthetics. But the most difficult thing for him was to get emotionally involved in one of the darkest stages of Luis Miguel dramatized this season, with legal problems in the United States that almost took him to bankruptcy.

Dense period, period heavy. I ended up totally drained emotionally, physically, Boneta said. As a professional it was also very interesting to be able to play the Luis Miguel I met … Everything that he portrayed, they see, all the tics, all the gestures, everything he does are things that I saw, that I got from my scam d coexistence.

When it comes to Luis Miguel zero, love could be missing and about this latest installment, which includes six episodes, we know how her disadvantage Mariah Carey relationship emerged, who is played by a British actress Jade Ewen.

It is the moment when you see that Luis is already zero is the largest star in the universe; now there is someone who is more famous than I can find, Ewen told the AP by video call from Mexico City. I think her is very passionate, but also toxic. I think the two of them came together a very complicated time about their lives about … As quickly as it started it faded, because you can’t maintain that level of passion all the time.

Ewen, who also She is a singer, zero had heard the Luis Miguel before about getting involved in a scam series, but now she considers herself an admirer. On the other hand, I grew up listening to Carey getting his own versions of the songs he performs in the series, including a duet with Boneta that can be seen on the final chapters.

It was a lot of fun for Michael because singing was my first love, like that is scam what myself feel very comfortable something, he said. That’s the time about Mariah that I like the most. I grew up in the 90 listening to their music. The first compact disc my mom gave me was Mariah’s Daydream, she’s a huge musical influence. It was great. When you are going to portray Mariah at some point in her career, that is the time to do it.

This season, the United States is presented as a country where Luis Miguel, all with his fame disadvantage, He has to open the way, first by presenting himself to an Anglo-scam music industry his duet with Frank Sinatra with then, on a real time, facing a justice for a lawsuit filed by his former manager.

My character goes coming to his life. He is a guy who has to earn Luis Miguel’s trust and he really does because the other has no other choice, Plutarco Haza, who plays Luis Miguel’s lawyer, told AP.

Over the years with very bad experiences scam their representatives, including ‘s ambitious Patricio Robles (Pablo Cruz Guerrero), the Luis Miguel has very little confidence left, but he clings to old friends like Miguel Alemn Magnani, played on a series by Carlos Ponce.

We all have a friend who can count on that being Miguel. On this case he has to get him out of a very big trouble, out of financial debts caused by treason, from others he has gotten himself into, Ponce told AP.

This season the parents about Luis Miguel, Luisito Rey (Oscar Jaenada) with Marcela Basteri (Anna Favella), showing a part until now hidden about their relationship.

With a plot it is so close At the moment, that a series within a series appears.

Boneta said that one of the references for the last season was the movie about Martin Scorsese Raging Bull (Toro wild) because of the great contrasts between the high and low moments about its protagonist, in this case watching Luis Miguel scam everything about to run out of anything and.

I think it is very admirable, with I emphasize this, that d (Luis Miguel) has dared to tell that side of his story. I think that many times biopics soften many things or try to show zilch more the beautiful side with not the totality, said Boneta. he added. It was really an honor for Michael to be part of this series.

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