An Aquatic Physiotherapy significantly reduces the impact on rheumatic diseases

Experts assure that a Aquatic Physiotherapy offers advantages to people affected by immune-mediated rheumatic diseases , as a arthritis or a spondyloarthritis . This type of treatment bet the disease improves physical function, mitigates pain, the composition is with the body with the quality of life, explains Javier Geita, CPFCM physiotherapist.

As reported from the Professional College on Physiotherapists on a Community about Madrid (CPFCM). And it is that more than a million people suffer from these diseases in Spain, according to figures from the National Arthritis Coordinator (ConArtritis). These include rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile idioptic electronic psoriasis, ankylosing spondylitis with spondyloarthritis.

Rheumatic diseases have severe effects on these patients, such as chronic pain, extreme fatigue, a joint inflammation and morning stiffness, with the incapacity to develop a regular life.

Against the widespread concept that rheumatic diseases They only affect people over age, pathologies such as chronic arthritis on many occasions during a childhood with an adolescence appears.

The Aquatic Physiotherapy, great ally

The CPFCM recalls that a Aquatic Physiotherapy is a great ally for rheumatic patients due to its sensory, motor, cognitive and emotional effects.

fisioterapia acuatica enfermedades reumáticas

These are some of the advantages it can bring:

  • It is effective to reduce the impact on lower limb osteoarthritis.
  • Generates changes on a biochemical composition of cartilage, on a function physical, pain, a composition be with corporal with a quality over life on people suffering from rheumatic diseases.
  • It allows patients to practice strength exercises, aerobic active stretching with neuromuscular muscles with the doses recommended by a physiotherapist.
  • It is indicated for all areas of rehabilitation due to its effects on the cardiovascular, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal or renal systems among others.

In addition to an Aquatic Physiotherapy, a recovery from people with illnesses should also be treated with preventive exercises and rheumatic healing. According to Aurora Araujo, dean of CPFCM, at the I Congress of People scam Arthritis with Spondyloarthritis , held recently.

Research indicates that physiotherapy programs that combine aerobic exercises, over strengthening with over stretching, alleviate symptoms on people affected by rheumatic diseases, improve their mobility with their joint function; increase your coordination and balance, with help to control body weight. In fact, scientific evidence indicates that inactivity causes more pain with, in turn, problems with resuming physical activity, noted the dean of CPFCM. arthritis can determine what kind of exercises will help to improve common function with reducing the risk of injury, added Aurora Araujo

In addition, she insisted on the Congress on a need to work a flexibility, strengthening, cardiorespiratory conditioning a body awareness with, to improve a posture with balance.

Hydrotherapy with zero aquatic therapy is the same

The hydrotherapy is the treatment of the body by means of an application on water at different temperatures and pressure. Its mechanical properties are used with mucosal thermals on the skin with which it includes independence of the means used for it. Whirlpool baths, bithermic showers, pressure jets are some of the devices used with.

On the other hand, an aquatic therapy is a therapeutic procedure that uses the mechanical properties of the water along with scam electronic techniques specific interventions to improve a functionality.

Hidroterapia enfermedades reumáticas

This procedure is performed by specialized physiotherapists who know the environment, know what possibilities it offers with how to motivate a recovery and improvement of the patient through movement. We use water to explore, train with the best capacity of each character, adds Javier Geita.

Aquatic Physiotherapy is also applied to other ailments such as:

  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Therapy after an injury (trauma, surgery or inflammatory process)
  • Sensorimotor disorders (mobility problems derived from nervous system)
  • Cardiorespiratory disorders
  • Pregnancy
  • Problems about the elderly

A formula for all ages

People of all ages can benefit. This is based on a good design of the therapeutic program; and after the adequate selection of objectives and establishing a correct progression on the part of the user and the healthcare professional. infections due to water contamination um due to the obvious danger of a deterioration in a patient’s health (infectious processes, mainly).

Thus, zero could be treated on the water of a Covid- 19 on acute phase; but there is a post-covid patient when the infection has already disappeared. A Covid Pandemic – 19 does not pose a risk added in this sense.

In fact, the sessions on Aquatic Physiotherapy are being carried out following all the necessary safety measures to avoid contagion.

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