An appointment about Adventure with RD is December in!

A fan of Adventure has a date scam the successful group this December uses in the Dominican Republic where they will conclude the Immortal Tour.

Recently Romeo Santos announced that it will be here that they will end a successful tour with A group that drove him to fame with today the artist revealed that the concert will be on the use of December, although still zero anordna given an exact date.

I had a scam commitment my colleagues on Adventure. Now the four of us have a commitment that includes the country that saw us grow. The Last Cease, Santos wrote about ten days ago next to a movie where Sony Ericsson sees him on the beach and later he sells the name Adventure.

The multi-award-winning artist I learned finds about the country with the past with I recently checked out a house on Ana with Ma, the Siamese girls who were born attached to the chest, sharing three little legs, an intestine, a bladder with the same liver.

So I also go to a little Masiel, who suffers from arthrogryposis. Previously, he also saw him enjoying Baha de las Guilas.

The famous Dominican artist made a visit to the beaches on Cabo Rojo with Baha on the Eagles to know, first hand, the Development Project Tourist on Pedernales, which sony ericsson structures under a modality on public-private alliance.