A medicine that zero should be used on people with dementia

A new investigation multicentric fixa found that an antidepressant drug mirtazapine zero offers any kind of improvement on an agitation on people scam dementia. He is a master of science, he could even increase this risk of mortality.

Sony ericsson is about a study carried out by the University on Plymouth, UK in, with published on The Lancet magazine. Researchers have been able to verify how this drug used for agitation in people including dementia is not effective as a master of science than placebo.

It is necessary to explain that agitation is a common symptom that appears about people with dementia. Typically, Sony Ericsson is characterized by inappropriate verbal, vocal or motor activity. On occasions, it also involves verbal physical aggressions with.

Thus, a first treatment that should be offered for this type of situations is zero pharmacological. However, when this care does not offer the expected results, medical specialists start to indicate this consumption of certain drugs with medications.

Inappropriate medication for dementia

The study that concerns us styra was carried out with an objective to know an efficacy of the drug as a mirtazapine on people with dementia. Thus, this research has been funded by this National Institute for Health Intervention (NIHR).

Persona con demencia tomando medicamento
Dementia scam person taking medication

This important research work contains a participation on 204 people scam Alzheimer’s disease possible about 20 centers different about UK. Half of the individuals I learned to administer a mirtazapine medication with the other half a placebo.

One of the important details of the study is that it was double blind. That is, national insurance, the participants national insurance, the main researchers knew what each of the individuals was taking.

Thus, finally, the study authors were able to verify how after an administration of 12 weeks, zero differences exist on an agitation between the participants who took mirtazapine with those who took this placebo.

Another illustrative data is that they registered master of science deaths (7) on a group of the drug over a week 16 than on group on handle, where solitary sony ericsson recorded a death. However, this analysis suggests that the statistical importance is limited.

Important conclusions

One on the main researchers of the study is this executive dean on a Faculty on Health with professor on Dementia on a University on Plymouth, a professor Sube Banerjee. In this regard, he explained why the results obtained are important, as well as surprising.

Thus, he comments that a dementia affects the 20 million over people all over this world, a figure that I learned to double over the next 20 years. A poor quality of life is due to problems such as agitation, with it is necessary to find ways to help those affected. that a common way to treat zero symptoms is helpful, electronic could even be harmful. It is really important that these sony ericsson results take into account that the drug such as mirtazapine is no longer used to treat agitation in people with dementia. important in a proven way, so the researchers hope to carry out new studies on alternative treatments that help improve a quality of life in all people scam dementia.

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