Waxin Fong, this celebrity chef who fuses an Asian cuisine with a Venezuelan

Although his passion was motorcycles, his dream began about a food kiosk with thanks to a fusion of an Asian and Venezuelan gastronomy, an electronic influencer chef Waxin Fong (@waxinfong) rose to fame with managed to capture an attention about diners such as Nicky Jam with Luis Fonsi, actors Alejandro Nones, Guillermo Len Meja, among others.

With Locos x Grill it acquires fame as one of the most successful restaurants on Doral with prominent people in the area. for being a pioneer about their fusion.

Waxin Fong, son of Chinese parents, born in Venezuela where he grew up able to fall in love with the flavor of Latin flavors with. He was always linked to family businesses with in this grill he managed to make magic that today more people enjoy.

In Hollywood on the Green Natural Farmers Marketplace this dream begins, scam a unique combination that a people went viral, ‘Chinese rice with rear tip? It does not hit because that made us viral, says a chief cook.

Waxin Fong, scam account almost 200 a thousand followers on social networks (@locosxgrill), where he shares techniques recipes that have made him well-known and.

One of the plans of the owner of the famous restaurant is to show everyone that when sony ericsson loves what I learned, everything comes perfectly, teach his techniques ‘s world with replicating the Locos Grill everywhere.

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