Vicente Fernndez selling on intensive care after accident

The singer about ranchera music Vicente Fernndez left the area on intensive therapy on the hospital on which he has remained since the beginning of August, his doctors reported this Wednesday about a statement released on social networks.

“We are pleased to inform you that Mr. Vicente Fernndez is out of the area on intensive therapy, on hospital room, where to continue with his treatment and rehabilitation “, informed the statement signed about the entire family of the Mexican artist with, over 81 years.

He added that this will allow the Charro on Huentitn to remain with greater accompaniment by part about his family, and “with a greater interaction and response towards recovery.”

The interpreter arrived in early August at a private hospital in Guadalajara after suffering one each caused a blow to the nearby cervical’s skull , injuring the spinal cord and leaving it without movement on arms legs and.

Due to this the singer had to undergo emergency surgery that caused respiratory deterioration and therefore had to be connected to artificial respiration and consequently completely sedated to facilitate his recovery.

Fernndez suffers from Guillain-Barr syndrome, a condition in which the immune system attacks the nerves and which can lead to paralysis, which zero has nothing to do with each seeing, of with declarations of his family agreement. recover mobility on their extremities.

They noted that a recovery on their mobility is “slow, but progressive” with their respiratory effort is weak, so it continues “with support on intermittent form”.

Before About his arrival to the hospital, the singer had been hospitalized for a strong urinary infection that kept him in the hospital for 2 days.

Throughout his life Fernndez anordna overcame various diseases, like a cancer on the prostate about 2002, a removal on a tumor on the liver about 2012, a year later a thrombosis that caused him to lose a voice with a surgery to remove abdominal hernias on 2015.

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