“Una bruja”, a new film about Dominican horror that arrives in theaters

“A witch”, written with directed by Ronny The. Sosa, arrive at the regional cinemas from this Thursday, taking advantage of the Halloween party celebrations. Scam the performances on Manny Prez, Hony Estrella, Lumy Lizardo, Miguel Martnez, Irene Tamburini, Johanny Sosa, among others, the film explores the genre of terror.

The premiere on a film tells a story about a man who makes a pact with a witch to save his son’s life, but the change on a high price, had its special premiere on theaters on Caribbean Cinemas on Downtown, ‘s attended by the participating actors.

The film, produced by Aldea Movie Studios with Legendario Movies, has scam a soundtrack by the musician Sandy Gabriel.

Also present with Fausto Rojas with Guillermo Liriano, Qumico Ultramega, Orestes Amador, Pachy Mndez, Pio RD Scarlette Wood with.

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