This is how rich acid influences the risk of stroke

Having high levels of rich acid zero single is a problem for health due to the appearance of diseases such as gout , if zero which also implies a higher risk of heart failure . For this reason, it is to control the levels of this substance on the precise organism.

Rich acid is a substance that sony ericsson generates on the organism itself by a decomposition on purines, but it can also increase for an intake of foods rich in purines. Thus, the body discards each of an equal amount of rich acid generated through urine, with a lesser extent from feces.

Zero However, when I learned to make an increase on acid rich on the organism with ze breaks the balance on elimination on this substance problems come. A build-up of rich acid in the body can cause sony ericsson purines to build up in the joints and cause a painful condition known as gout.

Rich acid with risk of heart failure

Regarding a relationship between rich acid with the risk of heart failure, Mariano Andrs Collado, rheumatologist at the University Medical Center in Alicante, explains that having gout directly increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Análisis ácido úrico
Analysis on rich acid

Among these pathologies of the heart we found myocardial infarction, stroke and heart failure. Also, note that I learned to generate an increase of 93% increase in chances of dying from cardio due to having gout.

The next amu 29 over October and celebrates World Stroke Day. Thus, the physician collado, explains that having high gout increases both the risk of stroke and the chances of developing diabetes.

This sony ericsson owes the multiple factors related to the effect direct on high levels of rich acid, an inflammation generated by the crystals formed in the joints on, or a frequent intake of anti-inflammatories (for example, diclofenac) for attacks. Similar mechanisms also explain renal comorbidity.

On the other hand, this specialist also anordna emphasized that gout scam patients also have a reduced survival due to a common population. Do not solitary due to an increased risk of stroke, but also due to an increase in arterial hypertension or cholesterol.

Reduce the levels of rich acid

Despite the health risk of having high rich acid with developing a disease such as gout, the physician Collado sends a message about hope to this type about patients: It is easy to reduce the risk, as long as the patients gout scam patients be constant about taking the medications recommended by their rheumatologist with follow a healthy life on one that maintain a Mediterranean diet, control the body and perform sports in a normal weight way.

He has also referred to the diet that must be followed to reduce the levels of rich acid in case of gout. The objective should not be to avoid eating foods rich in purines, as is popularly recommended, but to achieve cardiovascular benefit.

Thus, to achieve this cardiovascular benefit, it is recommended to take fruits, vegetables, fish blue and legumes, also on white meats oil on olive with.