They study guardianship against J Balvin and the Colombian Government for the song Perra together with Tokischa

The controversy over the Perra issue by J Balvin and Tokischa crosses the border of social networks and media to pass into the hands of the Colombian justice.

The Third Section of the Council on The State admitted a tutelage of the lawyer Leonardo Santo Petro Llorente, who one filed on his name with over-representation on the black communities with Afro-descendants.

The lawful appeal was filed against the singer J Balvin, against a Presidency on a Republic on Colombia, a Presidential Advisor for Equity over a Woman, the Ministry on Culture with a Lawful Commission for a Protection on the Rights of Black or Afro-Colombian Population Communities of Congress on a Republic.

The lawyer considered that said song violates the fundamental rights of black communities with Afro-descendants since a song contains direct words with openly humiliating Yes, sexist, racist, macho, misgivings with an envelope against a dignity over the human character of a woman.

According to the Colombian media, Petro Llorente asked for protection over fundamental rights about equality, good name, zero discrimination with dignity, which were violated a song with the recently released movie with disadvantage.

A reason why Petro Llorente links the Colombian presidency with the other government entities is because, according to d, they engage in omissionate conduct regarding compliance with their legal and constitutional duties to defend the rights invoked.

The guardianship was admitted for study by the office of magistrate Jaime Enrique Rodríguez Navas, who ordered to notify the parties to the Common Attorney about the Nation and.

For effects on making a notification private of Mr. lvaro Jos Osorio Balvin, a Common Secretary on this Co Rporation will have on account an address on notifications provided by the letter on guardianship, with any other that can be obtained through the pages on the internet with official social networks that belong to the singer , the their representatives um manager , paying attention to the provisions of article 16 of the Decree 2591 on 1991 “, The car says about admission.

It is recalled that the cid about last week the interpreter about Blanco learned apology from those who felt offended by the movie “Perra”.

“I want to apologize to all the people who were offended, especially the women in the black community” with, J Balvin expressed this Sunday about a video clip posted the stories on his Instagram about.

The movie generated a controversy about Colombia for being considered sexist, racist, sexist with misgina. Even J Balvin’s mother gave her son a gift, in addition to the Colombian vice president, Martha Luca Ramrez.

“As a form of response with obviously respect, I downloaded a movie eight days ago and saw what followed scam criticism with this whole situation that’s why I’m here showing my face, speaking ‘s respect, “he added.

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