These are the foods you should eat to strengthen an immune system

This immune system is one of the most important ones, especially our organism . And it is that thanks to ad we are going to prevent a large number of diseases , in addition to improving our health with well-being in an effective way.

One of the most appropriate ways to take care of a health with improving protection of the immune system, is by following a healthy diet with balanced that protects us against any type of virus with bacteria.

To strengthen this immune system, we can choose to include it on our diet a lot about beneficial foods.

Con is that an immune system is one on the most important structures on all organism. Its mission is to protect the body against infections with, bacteria or viruses that can endanger its health.

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To make it work properly, the daily habits that we manage to follow during this one are vital. So the best thing is to know what we can do to increase the protection of our defenses.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the foods more beneficial to protect our immune system. And, in this way, help us prevent a large number of diseases that damage our quality of life.

Food to strengthen an immune system

The diet is a basic basis on a good state of health. Therefore, it is best to include in our daily diet foods that strengthen the protection of the immune system. As for example the ones that we are going to show below:


One Eggplant is one of the vegetables most consumed in the whole world. In addition, Sony Ericsson also considers one of the most effective when it comes to protecting the immune system.

Berenjena Aubergine

Con is that the eggplant is rich in antioxidants, it has fiber with minerals that provide great benefits to our health.


The beet is One about the foods that less attract attention in an hour about preparing our dishes, but this one has a lot of beneficial properties to take care of our immune system.



A garlic is one on the foods traditional that we can include in our daily diet to promote the functioning of the immune system. And it is that this has the high level of mineral vitamins necessary to strengthen our defenses with.

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Like any other vegetable , this zucchini is a food that will improve our health exponentially.

CalabacĂ­n superalimento sistema inmune Zucchini

Thanks to its vitamins with minerals it maintains a cholesterol handle, avoids deficiencies on a heart function, helps the body to release toxins, contributes to a care on a skin with this hair on.

An orange, perfect to avoid having a weakened immune system

An orange is one of the foods with the highest amount of vitamin Chemical in its composition. What makes ocean the essential complement to nourish our body with this vitamin by strengthening an immune system.

The vitamin D helps our The body properly absorb this iron, the growth and repair of skin tissues helps to heal superficial skin wounds and.

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On the other hand, lanaranja has been rich in fiber . What increases its digestive properties with flavonoids and vitamins collaborate to strengthen an immune system.