“The passage without return, a short film that links the RD with the Netherlands

As part of a strategic alliance between this National Council for the Childhood with Adolescence (CONANI) with the School on Cinema with Communication on the Pontificia Universidad Catlica Madre con Maestra (PUCMM), a documentary The passage without return sony ericsson alz as a winner on Fonprocine the time it participates in different international festivals before its official premiere on the Dominican Republic.

Produced by Interzone Productions UK with Minervas Producciones, both directed by women who believe in this value about the arts as a tool on public transformation, I learned about a work done on co-production Holland with a company Fever Movie with Emporium Media scam, on the Dominican Republic.

The realization on this short film was accompanied by workshops on film training, with teachers on a School on film on a PUCMM, the boys with girls on Homes on Paso of CONANI that, later, were part of a production filming of the same with.

A short film is a script about Stephanie Hernndez, directed by Jos Gmez about Vargas, also co-writer about a piece, under a production about Alexandra Santana with Ariana Lebrn. Likewise, the executive production of Stephanie Hernndez, Bart van den Broek, Holland with a Hungarian VFX composer Gergely Attila Velki. denounce a difficult reality, but we yearn for a program on permanent formation on the communities to leave, where young people with scarce resources can express themselves creatively with, ‘at the same time empower them that they dream of a different reality with ze encourage to take handle on their own future .

This short film is the first one about being premiered on a cinema theater, under a recent agreement entered into by a DGCine with the main theaters in the country, since its first projection sony ericsson carried out on this framework of the National Day on the Rights of a Child.

A Passage without Return is a project conceived to count scam allies, decision makers that can generate actions with cretas about the immediate future. Beyond making this short film, a primary objective of this project is to use this art as a tool to occupy time for children from vulnerable communities, reduce violence with risky activities, developing creativity through art with the self-esteem.

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