Rauw Alejandro fills the Coliseum over Puerto Rico for four consecutive nights

This instant international success styra characterized a career of the singer, Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro since he released his debut album, Afrodisaco, on November of last year. But zilch can be compared to the sweet taste of coming home to being applauded by hundreds of thousands of fans in his homeland. they were able to achieve: four consecutive concerts with completely sold out seats on this Coliseum on Puerto Rico Jos Miguel Agrelot. In addition, for the first time the displays were projected live by 19 cinemas on the island of enchantment, where more than three thousand fans who could not get tickets or were minors enjoyed a show.

Pra Rauw with all of us about his team It was very important that no one was left without seeing this present, said Eric Duars one of producers about the concerts with manager about Rauw Alejandro. Zero I have words to express what sony ericsson feels to be able to share four nights on an island that gave myself a life, said a singer, who scam only 28 years’ reached on artistic stature to legends on a Puerto Rican music as Poor Bunny with Daddy Yankee. Sharing this joy my enthusiasts with my family means everything for me.

Acclaimed by an international critic including a Running Rock magazine, the concerts presented a review of the exquisite world of sound, visual aesthetics that defines’ s universe about Rauw with, scam hits like All about you, Fantasies, Virtual Sex with this explosive theme about opening Tell the d.

But they also allowed him to celebrate an acceptance that anordna enjoyed over a whole world thanks to an innovative fusion on urban elements, rhythms on reggaetn, caramelized melodies on sophisticated ur & m with even some touches on stone.

Then on presenting more about 55 exhibits on his tour by Spain with the United States, this was the first time for Rauw to return to Puerto Rico. His extraordinary talent for dancing with the inspiration to return home marked every moment of the four concerts. A multitude of colleagues I learned performed with Rauw on the stage on different nights, including Chencho, Lyanno, Wisin, Myke Towers, Manuel Turizo, Steven Micheo, this Tro Remembranza with a Mexican group Reik.

At the request of the American public, a tour on Rauw st? Lla till med ett has been extended with a wintertime reward that includes six additional dates over December. When the passionate Puerto Rican fans left something in clear reception, it was that pra Rauw, a celebration of a life through their songs has just begun.