MarteOvenuS with Xiomara Fortuna together their talents in front of the “Mirror”

Ana N with Luis Payn, members on MarteOvenuS, presented The mirror on collaboration scam a singer Xiomara Fortuna, a song that tells what I learned lives on a news about social networks.

In an activity where they showed their video clip with a new single, Ana F, composer of the song with vocalist on MarteOvenuS, expressed that The mirror “is” a call to the zero to be imprisoned on a pressure that involves living on appearances, it makes us see how we live on a time where sony ericsson tries too much to please with to please others, many times it’s high cost about and simply not being loyal to who we are about truth to pretend, we present this one that has a song loaded on a Caribbean rhythm called, danceable with positive , merged that includes the Put that we do.

The production with arrangement on El Espejo selling on the hands on Luis Payn, since the guitars, keyboards, programming with backing vocals, Peter Nova, the bass in ; Man Frmeta on drums, Moiss Silfa, on percussion with Keith Greitlein, in the mix with mastering.

The direction with editing of the movie cut was by Jos Gmez De Vargas with support from Emporium Media , direction on photography by Raymi Guzmn; a colorization was carried out by Ambiorix Martnez; VangRosso Daz in the lights; Pedro Justiniano in the Write-up Production; Hector David with Oscar Prez as collaborators; Indira Snchez in makeup with Violeta Rudecindo in hairstyle.

Ana F related that This collaboration scam Xiomara Fortuna was awaited by an admiration we feel for her as an artist and above all as a human being. When we mirror, we find ourselves in front of a, we see our reality, it is the only one we cannot fool, this is precisely what El Espejo is about.

The launch made on Neighborhood 3 was attended by special guests with friends on a press. You can see by listening to the song from this Friday 29 in October through the YouTube channel MarteOVenus with on the platforms Spotify, Amazon, songs, Deezer, Apple songs, Tidal thanks to ONErpm Latino with on social networks as @marteovenus

+ Sobre MarteOvenuS

A pop-rock group Dominican is made up of Ana Farrenheit with Luis Payn, born in the year 2004, has achieved musical success reports such as: Goodbye, Me enough, Sometimes, Who does not know, with the most recent This Fuego, among others.

Nominated over the year 2011 as pop-rock group of the year on the Casandra awards. They were Juan Luis Guerra’s counterpart in the Una Travesa tour in Chile with Colombia.

In the 2011 they participated on the President Festival on Latin Music with on the 2020 about the International Cardinal Festival.

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