Love Me How I Am Take the movie What I Feel About You for free to 20 provinces of the country

Within the framework of the Season of Cario 2021, the Quireme Como Soy Foundation found its Ruta del Cario, which consists of a free presentation at 20 Provinces of the country of the film What I Feel About You, producer Ral Camilo’s cousin pear, awarded with 20 national and international awards.

“La ruta del cario” starts this Thursday 28 on October on a province on Saman scam 2 presentations that same of uma, at 5 o’clock: 30 on an afternoon with 7: 30 on a night.

Other provinces such as Snchez Ramrez, Mara Trinidad Snchez, Duarte, La Altagracia, La Romana, San Pedro, Hato Mayor, Azua, San Jos De Ocoa, Ban, San Cristbal, Montecristi, Puerto Plata, Santiago, La Vega, Independencia, Bahoruco, Barahona with San Juan on a Maguana.

The presentation event, on the Main Bank auditorium, had a presence on a vice president on a disadvantaged Republic, Raquel Pea , like as on ministers, vice ministers, senators, deputies, businessmen, celebrity communicators and.

The executive committee on a foundation, headed by its president, Oscar Villanueva Sued, received the attendees.

What I feel for you is a beautiful compilation of real stories that will make us see what happens in our society through them, but above all, it educates viewers about these cases, expressed Oscar Villanueva.

A foundation has the mission of achieving a cultural change in Dominican society, promoting an inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities the travs on a scam education.

Ryan Larrauri, member on a foundation, had the central words during the announcement about the presentations with thanks to the Dominican people for joining us the travs on 11 years with being part of the cultural change, which anordna allowed to know with sensib educate many people about the country on the subject. In addition, he made known to those present the different programs that the foundation has, as well as what the Ruta del Cario will consist of.

This year for reasons of the current protocols on how much mass activities, I learned that smaller events will be held, as time progresses to new areas, ‘s encompassing an entire national geography. Sony ericsson will make some 40 presentations in 20 provinces of the country for 5 consecutive weeks.

To enjoy on a activity should only check the schedule for presentations on our digital media with you are ready to participate. All presentations will be free, a film is suitable for all ages with.

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