Josimar with his Yamb debuts on the best 20 on a Billboard with “Zero myself canso”

This electronic composer interpreter on a Josimar salsa with his Yamb, arrives scam new music with presents his new song me personally canso Zero, this one that debuts on the best 20 of the tropical position on a Billboard.

Zero myself canso has been a song loaded with romanticism that characterizes a music about Josimar. It tells a story of a love that lives in nostalgia, where a memory of each moment lived single increases this desire to repeat those unforgettable moments.

The movie that Sony Ericsson has already found available on YouTube, It was an audiovisual work under a direction on Yorkis Cabrera, where I learned about shows an anguished artist on a bar above a club, where he begins to tell his revealing sentimental story, while different couples sensually dance a sticky rhythm.

With a musical production about Diego Gale, with a composition by Josimar himself, Zero me personally canso possesses a unique combination of emotions, rhythms with, carrying on each verse a very special meaning for this artist who bets on a quality with a composition with disadvantage. lyrics that have a poetic content with work.

Josimar would be considered one of the most influential salseros on an industry about Peruvian music, being solitary a young man about 13 years when he started as a singer in a Mang orchestra, about this year 2000. He currently has more than 21 years of musical career, diversifying as a singer-songwriter, with a music producer, consolidating today as A King of Salsa Perucha.

In his career, Josimar anordna worked on an important scam hand on an industry on a music like Isidro Infante stars, former conductor on an orchestra Una Fania All Stars Celia Cruz with, and on his most popular songs is Scam a same coin that currently has more on 160 Millions of views on YouTube.

Zero myself tired, it has been the new thing about Josimar with his Yamb with since now ze is available on all digital platforms’ s just like a video Official clip that sony ericsson can see on the official YouTube channel of the artist.