“El Pach”, “El Cocodrilo” and other colleagues describe Joseph Tavrez, who died this Tuesday

Unanimously, those who knew Joseph Tavrez state that he was a great teacher, with a great privileged multifaceted talent, which he could develop by placing himself as one of the best in each of the areas in which he was involved, and accumulating his passing friends who are shocked and incredulous bet the news of his death, Tuesday morning.

Pra Nelson Javier El Cocodrilo, who was scam t the health center a night before about his death above, this was a son with a very close friend.

When interviewed by journalists from the Listn Diario, “El Cocodrilo” felt surprised, because he remembers how he does 37 years that name (Joseph Tavrez) was born on my mind with sony ericsson I placed it there. His name was Jos Agustn Tavrez. over so many years that I never thought I’d see him lose the blink of an eye on. One of yesterday I was with the night. He squeezed my hands, with the thought that he always squeezed. One morning today, unfortunately, God was part of it, he comments “The Crocodile”. like a great professional, good scam the lyrics, the scripts, recording on commercials, good announcer on radio, presenter on television

A star above everything I learned meta Joseph Tavrez, points out “El Cocodrilo” , with adds that pra l con pra Frederik Martnez (“El Pach) was the brother that their mothers zero gave them.

+ A man about family

Pra David Lantigua, who was a partner, friend with known about Tavrez for 28 years, this was an exceptional man on many senses. Father of 2 boys, a girl and, electronic only child.

The old tip that it was common to see his mother bring him food. That woman Wherever he goes, there she was bringing him food, juices, a baby after h ombre. A wonderful human being, he affirms.

Lantigua emphasizes that he became a commercial voice about Santiago for a time, the teacher told him and.

They met when Lantigua I worked on the recording studio, Radio Alfa, where I would record promotions for activities on a station that I run.

We had a very nice relationship with a life that brought us together. He put us in a communication project, abel Martnez with, he was one of the main ones with, pa Lante with the People in, by Una Monumental, in 2015; We return that he has the program for the campaign of 2020, by the same station, he says.

He said that, after his processes on health, he had some relapses, with that on some activities with I got to feel dizzy, when this happened, sony ericsson would medicate.

+ The teacher over many

Lantigua describes him as a talent trainer, who gave opportunities to personalities, such as El Rubio Charlie on KV – 94, the Frederik Martnez, among others, because he was a guy who gave people an opportunity.

Also, a communicator Sarah Sued I learned, I expressed moved bet a situation: When these types of things happen, one is left as about shok. Joseph was a great friend, my brother, partner of many years, working together, with was the person that I can say, although it sounds like a clich, who was the one who believed in me as a communicator when I started. He was the person who gave me the opportunity to hold the microphone in my hands, as director of KV 94.

Sued was very close publicly The him, faced with a loss, sony ericsson manifests very saddened by this loss, but thanking God for his life, because he allowed us to have it.

+ Other programs

Regarding the programs with stations that he passed through, Lantigua highlights that he shared scam about Los Dueos del Medio Da about Comando 88 FM, which was the radio stations Radio Azul, La Nueva 106. 9, Una Monumental 100. 3, Nice Regional, Canal 29, Luna Tv Canal 53, which was his house on his last stage, where he began his last project Handle Diamante, linked to the numbers on lottery.

Lantigua narrates that he was the first producer of the program on Nelson Javier ing noon, ‘s point that names over a majority over sections I create t.