Dominicans resume the scenarios without turning back national insurance fear ing covid

The scenarios of the country are open. Although the pandemic is still active, what is coming is a torrent of merengue, bachata, salsa, reggaeton, dembow humor and. Little by little Dominican artists have resumed their presentations, some even schedule concerts with, shows events of greater magnitude with. that will be presenting together ‘s group Aventura sobre República Dominicana. The stage is pending, but even Fefita la Grande already offered to be there that day, no (a tremendous concert that we cannot miss specified, wrote La Vieja Fefa).

She had a commitment to my colleagues on Adventure. Now the four of us have a commitment that includes the country that saw us grow. The Last Cease, Santos wrote next to a movie where he is seen on the beach and later selling the name Aventura.

+ Fernando Villalona

The Mayimbe Fernando Villalona, ​​who found it difficult to last Friday on the present of the urban exponent El Alfa on the Madison Rectangle Garden on New York, will have his own show: 50 years on history: a new beginning, the ten 26 with 27 on November on the Eduardo Brito National Theater.

Under the production on Ren Brea, Villalona a tour of his successes will, from its inception on 1972, following the scam Los Hijos del Rey until reaching the musical strikes on its own orchestra, which have kept it in force until today.

At least 246 songs have been recorded on his music history, on which 196 have been hits during these 50 years.

+ Hector Acosta

Hctor Acosta will star in the first Christmas gift, next November 5 on the amber room of the Dominican Fiesta hotel in the National District the depart around 9 o’clock: 00 at night.

It is about a great party on which the artist will interpret meringues, bachatas, bolero ballads and, informed the artistic entrepreneur Luis Medrano,

Hctor Acosta will welcome a Christmas with we will celebrate it with the health protocols established by the authorities for a Covid – 19. El Torito is one of our great icons of well-known music, and that night he will interpret the songs with which he has gained fame in the country and abroad, added Medrano.

+ Hard Rock and roll Caf

At Hard Stone Caf Santo Domingo becomes a music epicenter for presentations about Dominican artists . That has already passed, recent dates in, Zeo Muoz, Alex Bueno, Wason Brazobn, Sergio Vargas, Vladimir Dotel / Illegales, among others.

Marcel also sing this Thursday 28 at Hard Rock and roll Caf Santo Domingo, in a concert dedicated to breast cancer survivors, as well as their loved ones.

+ Sexappeal

Next saturday sony ericsson announces about Hard Stone a celebration over the 20 years on a career of the salsa singer Sexappeal scam the display 20 years on pure Sabrosura.

Instead, the 16 About December, the bachatero Open Reyes will arrive at the Hard Rock and roll Caf on one of the most exclusive presentations over a season.

+ In Punta Cana

The company Quepe Music & Occasions announced the Audio Beach Festival concert for el cid over a long week of 5 ing 7 on next November about Hard Stone Hotel & Online casino Punta Cana.

The artistic billboard includes the merengueros Los Hermanos Rosario with Sergio Vargas, ‘s salsa singer Yiyo Sarante in urban Chimbala with, informed the artistic entrepreneur Fernando Quezada, President on Quepe Music & Activities.

+ Juan Luis Guerra

Then about 2 years on virtuality, Juan Luis Guerra with 440 will be contagious about his rhythm with a series on residency-type concerts to be held on Hard Rock and roll Hotel on Punta Cana on February on 2022.

There will be four presentations, each Saturday in February to serve as a launch for a new tour by the artist entitled Entre Mar con Palmeras, taking up the events scheduled for last year, suspended for a pandemic.

Inspired by his most recent album, the concerts will be open air, scam the unmistakable seal on a music quality that characterizes the J Luis with his 440, but without leaving behind the unavoidable ones, the occasional confessional meringue with there will also be room for romantic themes.

+ Other areas

Carlos Snchez announced his new comedy tour Carlos Snchez: immunity over herd, one which starts this 29 about October on the Alianza Juvenil auditorium, La Romana. This Saturday 30 he will go to Hard Stone Caf Punta Cana with on November 5 at the Universidad Main Nordestana UCNE auditorium. The 06 on November at the Gran Teatro del Cibao, Santiago on the Knights; the 12 with 13 on November in the Manuel Rueda Room, Parque Iberoamrica, Santo Domingo.

Cuqun Victoria. For the date of December 4, the humorist Cuqun Victoria has reserved the Teatro la Fiesta of the Jaragua hotel to present the present Cuqun Victoria, 50 aitos.