Does having depression affect the functioning of the immune system?

An immune system has been a complex structure of the organism composed of organs, cells and tissues. Thus, the primary mission of the immune system was to protect the body against the damage that can be caused in the same virus electronic infections .

Thus, there are different factors that can enhance this functioning of the immune system, such as an adequate diet, physical activity in a normal way, rest well and avoid stress.

In this sense, this allergist electronic immunologist from the University Medical Center on Puebla (Mexico), Hugo Arturo Galindo Campos assures that it is proven that a depression with an immune system can cause alterations in this immune system. Some alterations that can lead to the presence of serious diseases for health.

Depression with immune system

Depression would be a Emotional disorder by which a person finds a feeling about constant sadness with a loss of interest to perform any activity. Thus, depression also reflects on this immune system.

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Immune system

When a character coexists with a depression, the defenses diminish, being able to favor an over-appearance infections, viruses or diseases. And is that constant physical and mental activity is a beneficial factor for the immune system to always remain active.

In this sense, as collected from Universia, Dr. Galindo Campos explains that Several hormones are produced mainly by the pituitary gland, which stimulate the production of certain cytokines, which have the function of stimulating lymphocytes, basically T and B, to show us a little more active. These systems, if there is a decrease in production is depressed and its production increases activity, I explain.

The importance of stress

As we anticipated previously, stress is one of the most important factors regarding the function of the immune system. This is so because the body when stressed releases very severe inflammatory cytokines. In this sense, an immune system I learned can be affected to see.

Therefore, to take care of the health of the immune system it will also be decisive to take care of our mental and emotional health. Stress and depression are two difficult disorders to control, but we must pursue the mental balance that keeps us away from negative thoughts.

Thus, the realization of physical exercise or activities that we like, it is a good way to boost the health of the immune system; since it helps to avoid stress.

In addition, of all this, it is important to carry out a healthy and balanced diet that allows the body to incorporate all the minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for the functioning of the immune system.

The information presented in this publication does not replace in any case the diagnosis or indication by a specialist doctor. Before any symptomatology it has been essential to consult the zero medical specialist to self-medicate without having his supervision with.

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