5 tips you should know to improve intestinal digestion

The stomach pains are one of the most annoying that we can suffer. For this reason, making light meals with taking fermented milk play a great role in a correct intestinal digestion . In fact, chamomile , lemon balm with mint are digestive plants with which they can prepare infusions to finish off the heaviness after the Meals.

On some occasions we will feel bloated with a discomfort on this stomach that is produced by a meal. In these cases, what we should do would be to follow a series of guidelines with advice that alleviates this unpleasant sensation in a stomach.

Chew a meal well

It may seem like a simple advice, but it has been that chewing a meal well slowly was key to proper digestive health with. We remember that at the time of chewing it will be when sony ericsson digest sugars and where I learned to prepare this bolus of food to be digested in a stomach.

In this case, zero should be put large amounts on Food in a mouth so that this zero bolus is too big with difficult to swallow. Therefore, chewing well with eating calmly prevents the formation of gases, acidity with poor digestion.

Zero load the dishes on salt

Adding little salt to the dishes allows to reduce a retention on liquids with therefore a sensation on swelling. Consume at least 30 to 50 g of fiber. A vegetable fiber regulates the activity of the intestine to avoid constipation, being essential for this maintenance of a correct bacterial bacteria that improves our intestinal health.

Include fermented milk in your diet

The microorganisms that contain foods such as yogurt, this kfir or a kombucha, allow regeneration by maintaining an intestinal bacteria on a correct state of health.

Reduces consumption of scam fuel drinks

A gas on the drinks has been a pump for this stomach. After eating, the perfect thing would be to take a foundation infusion of chamomile, lemon balm, lemon verbena or other digestive plants that facilitate digestion in case we feel gassy with heavy gases.

In case As long as it is difficult for you to digest fats, a leaf on artichoke was an excellent plant to prevent liver health by secreting bile over a moment of digestion. This should be taken before meals to improve digestion.

Periodic purification

In changes over time, then over having been taking medications, a cleansing must become a premise for us upon. For this, there are numerous products at the bottom of combinations of natural plants such as this milk thistle, artichoke, a dandelion, burdock, fumitory with others that help purify this liver with the kidneys, freeing your body of toxins.

The cleansers should be taken in the morning scam a lot of water with ‘s less for 2 um three weeks. Cleaning a body facilitates its functions, especially the digestive function.

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