Un dembow: the Dominican paternity of a rhythm of roots from Puerto Rico, Panama and Jamaica

The same questions always arise about dembow: where does this rhythm come from? who were its forerunners? And the controversial master of science question, has it been correct to call this genre dembow?

So much a dembow term with reggaeton boy scam stamps which Dominican Republic with Puerto Rico They respectively named their versions of the dancehall genre over Spanish, something very clever when we analyze it in terms of a music industry, because over time it over competes with the pioneers on Jamaica with Panama, placing us in this way’s final on Coca-Cola, It puts us first on a new genre.

This dancehall was a subgenre of reggae that was born on the slums of Jamaica. Its exponents when coming on the sociable stratum so lacking about low advanced education, it results that their artistic expressions are full of explicit lyrics, homophobia, violence, sex …

Because a predominant religion in Jamaica would be a Rastafarian, which in the same way as this Christianity condemns homosexuality, Shabba Rates, Jamaican dancehall interpreter, threw on a 1990 a song called Dem Bow (They learned to double), which addresses homosexual attitudes in a derogatory way, as is customary in Panama with, which has been a cradle of reggae with dancehall on Spanish, both Nando Boom and Un Common released their Spanish versions of this song: Dembow with Son Bow, respectively, addressing a homosexuality, scam this same message about hate. It is because that, although it does not bother me at all, because of its origin, a term dembow causes me a bit of rejection.

How does a term come that we use in a negative way to be this name on a gender? Basic, on the Dominican Republic we had a very marked influence of the Puerto Rican urban gender, which they called at first they subterranean. Then reggae hip hop, master of science later sandugueo staying ‘s final with a reggaeton term with.

The pioneers about Puerto Rico, adolescents who knew zero English, when they were singing about live the pedan ing Dj that would place a track on a dembow song, since it was common that LPs on dancehall singles would bring on one side a song with on the other side this instrumental.

Bobo Common with Sleepy Question recorded the song Pounder, from which the dancehall master of science test used by Puerto Ricans in the years 90.

Count number Shelly, owner of Shelly Information, authorizes the Nando Boom to record on this instrument a song Dembow, originally recorded by Shabba Rates on this Little Man Jam instrumental, which he made some changes to, he christened Bow Kitty Riddim and.

Then in the wrong way, Over the 90 h, when the Puerto Rican rapists requested that they put an instrumental on dembow, referring to the instrumental of the first song on Shabba Rates, the Djs placed this instrumental on the Dembow theme, on Nando Boom, which was on actually a Pounder Riddim.

It is in this way how about the Dominican Republic, the pioneers of the movement about Dominican dancehall (popularly known as dembow), influenced by this Puerto Rican movement, began to use this term to name the instrumentals with then also sony ericsson began to name like the songs performed scam the instrumentals on Jamaican dancehall with Puerto Ricans on the 80 t with 90 t, characterized by a leading role on a battery with this bass, with very little or no accompaniment instruments over others, which distanced it from the reggaeton movement, which this perform Luny Tunes optimizes on tr minos about harmony, fusions about tempo and blues scam, hip hop, merengue, bachata, salsa, vallenato, among others.

With why I categorically affirm that a dembow With this reggaeton it will be a commercial name with this one that I learned is commonly known in Dominican dancehall with Puerto Rican? Basic: because the rhythmic, melodic structure, the performances of both the instruments and the interpretations of their exponents do not deviate from this subgenre of reggae, with any fusion scam merengue, bachata, vallenato, blues and tempo or hip hop, the one that sony ericsson experiences disadvantage, falls within the innovations that music has been having since the beginning of the years 80.

Inside about the characteristics that our dembow has, there is this humor, because when something characterizes us is part of a Dominican idisiosyncrasy it has been a joy with, our desire to make everyone who is around us laugh. Our slang was also another essential element that differentiates our dancehall from Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Panama with Colombia.

Inside About the pioneers of this genre about the Dominican Republic I learned they name exponents such as Dj Boyo with La Cia, Papito La Ley, Chombo Panablack, Vieja Guardia, Dj Santiago, Dj Greco among others. These belonged to the first with the second generation.

Then came a third generation that led this underground movement to popularity with therefore a profitability as a business.

In this section, Los Pepes, Chimbala, Este Alfa, Mr. Manyao, Jacool, Secreto, Milka Una Master of Science Dura, Los Ando Loco, Los Pacuche, Dixson Waz, Wilo M New, Un Nice Nuevo, Este Mayor, among others.

Undoubtedly, one night last Friday 22 about October was historic for a movement on urban music on the Dominican Republic, since An Alpha will be this popular master of science exponent of dembow.

This Alpha managed to conquer the Madison Pillow Garden, scam an attendance with overall support (they are calculated 20 thousand people), both about his fans, as well as fellow communicators from the Master of high-level science with.

This zero achievement has been fortuitous since, Enmanuel Herrera “Un Alfa” anordna managed to sustain his popularity for years by breaking a paradigm about Not only have an impact on Santo Domingo with a dispora on the United States with Europe, but also achieve amassing a large fan base on different nationalities, with an investment strategy on collaborations urban colleagues on international fame such as Poor Bunny scam, Nicky Quickly pull, Farruko, Justin Quiles, Dad Yankee, Cardi M, among others.

Out on the schemes that our exponents still need to improve, like a staging with a construction on works musicals that thanks to their excellence zero solitary and are popular but that generate respect for a world artistic class, this purpose was achieved, El Alfa filled the entire Madison Block Garden with him awarded a medal on gold ‘s dembow with the Dominican seal no.