Ten Surprising Elements That Can Increase Your Glucose Level

The glucose is an essential element for the organism , since its main mission is to provide energy to the body and functions as fuel for cellular respiration. Although, it is necessary to establish a balance in the levels of glycemia (blood glucose), since both excess and death can be detrimental to health .

In this sense, people with diabetes should control their blood glucose levels even more if possible. And it is that patients who live with this type of pathology have a greater facility to increase the glycemic values ​​in the organism.

Normally, people with diabetes should have a stricter control over your diet than other people, to avoid consuming foods that cause an increase in glucose levels.

In addition, other known factors that affect blood sugar levels are activity physical, stress or different diseases.

10 elements that also affect glucose

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention assure that there are other elements that also affect blood glucose levels; beyond food, physical activity, stress and other diseases. Among these factors we find:

  1. Sunburns: The Pain is a factor that can generate stress in people and consequently generate a rise in blood glucose.
  2. Drink coffee: Many people have a high sensitivity to caffeine, which can affect glucose levels.
  3. Getting little sleep: Getting adequate rest during the night is essential. Otherwise it may cause the body to use insulin less effectively.
  4. Artificial sweeteners: Different studies affirm that this type of elements could cause an increase in blood glucose.
  5. Do not eat breakfast : It is important to eat an adequate and balanced diet, just as it is not advisable to skip breakfast, since it could cause an increase in glucose during lunch or dinner.

Other influencing factors

But the factors that can affect in blood glucose levels. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, controlling glucose is more complicated the later in the day.

Persona tomando café
Person drinking coffee

Upon awakening, due to the characteristics of the human body, the Blood sugar level may increase, regardless of the presence of diabetes. Likewise, hydration is key so that glucose levels do not rise too high in the blood.

Finally, they also report that some nasal sprays contain chemical substances that cause the liver to generate a greater amount of glucose. As well as gum diseases, which are also a condition derived from diabetes and a cause of increased blood glucose.

High temperatures should not be forgotten in this regard either. In particular, heat can cause blood vessels to dilate and insulin to be absorbed more quickly. This will be an influential factor to reduce blood glucose levels quickly.