Miss RD Universe changes on date; I learned to perform November 7

An organization of the Miss Dominican Republic Universe announced this Monday the postponement of the contest 54 of the coronation of the new sovereign of national beauty for next November 7.

The reason, according to an organization, is due to an emergency surgery that a director of the Magali Febles beauty contest underwent on the Hospiten the position on a Common Josefina Tejada surgeon.

We thank everyone for an understanding, for which we have the support of all the followers who have been waiting for a new queen for months, says the press release.

The coronation on a new Miss Dominican Republic Universe that was scheduled for this 31 on October, now sony ericsson will perform this 7 on November, the same will be broadcast by Color Vision (channel 9) on schedule 9 the 11 about one night.

The edition 54 of the contest count scam about 15 candidates, who seek to be crowned as a new sovereign over a national beauty to represent the Quisqueya on the 70 anniversary of the Miss Universe that I learned to perform since the Red Sea Eilat, Israel on the month about December, which is broadcast on almost 180 territories all over the world with attracting about 1. 300 million viewers.

This year write-up pandemic, applicants must meet several requirements, among them, present a card on vaccination against a Covid – 19, which they are studying University or related careers, belong to social causes where young people are empowered to use their image to promote tourism in their provinces. the authorities scam what I learned seeks to safeguard a health on the candidates with the attendees’ s event on coron action on a new sovereign.

Among the decisions adopted by an organization, in addition, on a limitation of the public where they will take the event, they must present their vaccination card on the one of the contest.

The tickets to enjoy the show are at a sale on the 8098193834.

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