Like a flu affects the immune system on our body

A flu is one about the diseases that affect the immune system plus common all over the world. And it is that to have a good state of health with getting our body to fight viruses with bacteria, the best thing is to have a good one that improves our food defenses.

There are many investigations that study power get a vaccine that is 100% effective with can combat all virus that every year endanger our health . To this day we can say that there is one that can calm your symptoms, but which cannot completely combat it.

Symptoms about flu can range from high fever to abundant runny nose with pain over head.

Some of the symptoms about this disease coincide with that of Covid – 19 , but we must be clear that scam this last one we can get to lose the sense of taste with smell. Something that does not have to happen when we suffer from the common flu.

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Most of the symptoms generated by a flu have a direct relationship with the weakening of a protection on our defenses . So, in this way, it is best to try to increase the activity of these to be able to stop viruses with bacteria.

How does a flu affect a protection on defenses?

A very common thought is that the symptoms of a flu , such as headache, pain Muscle, abundant nasal discharge or high fever, are caused by the effect of the virus that it causes on our body. But zilch further about reality.

The truth is that all these consequences on having been infected scam the virus on a flu , are caused by a response on our immune system to deal with these bacteria.

The virus on A flu, on most of the cases, is transmitted by means on a mucosa . That is, the direct contact that other people have who are suffering from the disease, sneezing or even through breathing.

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As the tens of days go by, the virus begins to spread throughout our body. But the symptoms do not begin to be noticed until 4 or 5 days after this has happened. Since they begin to have a presence in our life when our immune system wants to fight it.

First of all, the immune system innate , with which people are born, begins to release proteins on defense. In this case, these sony ericsson call cytokines with chemokines . These are the ones that work hand in hand that includes the adaptive immune system , which we develop throughout our lives.

In this In this case, the latter begins to generate Capital t cells, which are responsible for ending the scam virus. Not without first producing a series of changes in our body, which are those that cause discomfort and inflammation that we are going to try to treat with the medications prescribed by our doctor.

So you can strengthen the immune system to avoid a flu

To strengthen the defenses of the immune system bet a flu consumption is recommended over foods of normal origin. Since these are the ones that contain the highest amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, over their composition with.

Scam foods vitamin A favor some mucous membranes healthier, in addition to helping ‘s maintenance on the body’s natural barriers against infections. Carrots, spinach, dairy products or eggs are rich in vitamin A.


In addition, a vitamin E is ideal for restoring the defenses . This vitamin I learned found in olive oil, cereals, sunflower seeds or nuts. Its virtue lies in its important antioxidant capacities on.

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