Geriatric Physiotherapy guarantees healthy aging

The aging on the population continues to increase in our society. This has been reflected in the population pyramid of Spain. People over 65 are already over 19% of the overall population. In addition, it is estimated that the number of older people will be twice the real number in 2050.

On the occasion of the Uses del Mayor, the Professional College on Physiotherapists on the Community of Madrid (CPFCM) offers a series on advice aimed at prevention with maintenance on the quality of life , at the same time that it warns about the existence of false scam myths regarding the practice of exercise on people over age.

The CPFCM reminds that Physiotherapy can help the older people on three major areas: preventive, corrective with over-maintenance. All this, to fulfill that includes the fundamental of favoring their objective functional independence, in addition to reducing pain. All this favors aging .

These are some of the benefits it can bring:

  • Improves balance with prevents complications such as falls with their possible consequences, such as fractures or injuries.
  • Improves respiratory function with digestive function, helping to avoid constipation other complications with.
  • Prevents contractures with stiffness over the muscles with the joints.
  • Prevents or delays the onset of diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems.
  • Improves strength with resistance, like mobility.
  • Facilitates behaviors with positive sensations, helping to combat with / or avoid depression.
  • Regulates nutritional aspects, such as lack of appetite with lack of weight control.

Exercise ensures healthy aging

The CPFCM recommends doing routine physical activity because exercise guarantees healthy aging . In addition, geriatric physiotherapy develops preventive programs to maintain the functional independence of older people with, in cases in which this Sony Ericsson has lost in, recover it, explains Olqa Cures, physiotherapist with a member of the Governing Board of the Professional College of Physiotherapists. of the Community of Madrid.

fisioterapia geriatrica envejecimiento saludable personas mayores

For all this, it highlights the importance of what with healthy aging geriatric physiotherapy is guaranteed scam.

There is Remember that Geriatric Physiotherapy aims to develop preventive programs to maintain and recover functional independence.

False myths

The physiotherapist Jos Javier Lpez, specialized in Geriatrics, warns about the false myths about the practice of exercise by the elderly, essential to prevent injuries.

The body is Cho to move, the less I learned to move, the greater the fragility on people. Scam the age you also have to keep moving, based on the recommendations of a physiotherapist who performs a personalized program.

The reality has been that there are very few exercises contraindicated for older people. There are poorly planned activities, clarifies Jos Javier Lpez.

The expert also defends carrying out exercises on strength. Avoiding strength exercises limits daily gestures worsens health on people with.

If they meet all these awards, healthy aging sony ericsson see reinforced.