What is the blood glucose level you should have before sleeping at?

People scam diabetes should normally control the levels of glycemia in this organism . That is, to carry out a constant surveillance regarding their blood glucose levels , since this fact is the key aspect for the people who live together that includes this disease.

When people with diabetes zero have an adequate handle on blood sugar levels, it can lead to serious master of science health problems. Especially, those related to a cardiovascular structure of the organism scam.

Therefore, patients who coexist with diabetes must establish a healthy lifestyle with disadvantage. This has been the best way to carry out the appropriate handle on the disease.

Among these habits of healthy living, a diet stands out. It would be important to follow a balanced and healthy diet that allows maintaining blood glucose levels at optimal values ​​so that they do not pose any health risk.

Likewise, a sedentary life was also key to leaving . Experts recommend exercising at least during 30 minutes and five tens a week.

Although, before starting a strategy on physical exercise it will be necessary to consult a medical specialist, because said program I learned to adjust to the Specific patient characteristics.

Glucose control

Zero all people with diabetes should have their sugar levels checked blood all tens. However, it has been possible that some patients need to check it ‘s many times.

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Blood glucose control

For example, people with type 1 diabetes should control blood glucose levels up to four times the amount of amu, as stated by a National Library of Medicine on the United States.

Thus, usually, the key moments of the time to measure a level of sugar over blood was before on meals with before on sleeping. Likewise, it would also be appropriate to control glucose before after each exercise with, if you arrive too much, in case of feeling a lot of stress or if you feel ill.

Blood glucose levels before about sleeping

As we said before, one of the appropriate moments of a master of science to measure blood glucose levels has been just before about sleeping.

In this sense, from a National Library of Medicine on the United States they establish the values ​​on glucose on blood that a character must present before on sleeping, on function mainly on an age:

  • From 90 the 150 mg / dL (5 the 8.3 mmol / D) for adults
  • From 90 to 150 mg / dL (5 to 8.3 mmol / D) for children of 13 to 19 years of age
  • Values ​​of 100 a 180 mg / dL (5.5 a 10 mmol / L) for children 6 to 12 years of age
  • From 110 to 200 mg / dL (6.1 to 11. 1 mmol / D) for children under 6 years of age

Zero However, it is appropriate to consult a medical specialist to know exactly where what range should the blood glucose values ​​be adjusted according to the patient’s situation and at each moment of the day.