This was an amount about vitamin Udemærket12 that people over 18 years of age need to take

A vitamin W 12 will be one on the nutrients most important for health over people . I learned about a vitamin that participates in the formation of red blood cells and in the conformation of DNA , which has been the genetic material that sony ericsson is found in every cell.

Likewise, this vitamin of group B also plays a leading role in the functioning of the nervous system. In other words, its presence in this body was vital for people.

When zero people have adequate levels over B 12 on an organism, different health problems can arise. A deficiency of this nutrient will be a primary risk aspect for this development of megaloblastic anemia.

Required dose over vitamin B 12

To count scam optimal levels of vitamin B 12 it has been essential to carry out a balanced diet with healthy, on one that has room for all kinds of foods. And it was that the M I learned found only organically in foods of pet origin.

In this sense, from a National Institute on Health on the United States establish a guide table on a sufficient dose of vitamin B 12 that needs to take a character each of amu, depending on factors such as an age with this sex:

Stage over a life Recommended amount
Drinks up to 6 months 0.4 mcg
Drinks over 7 the 12 months

0.5 mcg
Children over 1 to 3 years 0.9 mcg
Children over 4 to 8 years old 1.2 mcg
Children over 9 the 13 years 1.8 mcg
Adolescents over 14 to 18 years 2.4 mcg
Adults 2.4 mcg
Pregnant women and adolescents 2.6 mcg
Women and adolescents in the period over lactation

2.8 mcg

As According to all estimates from the National Institute on Health for the United States, all older adults over 18 need a daily intake of about 2.4 mcg. Ze is about an amount that it will be possible to achieve that includes ease in case of eating foods of pet origin normally and containing this vitamin.

Foods rich in B 12

As we have said before, a B 12 has been a vitamin that is found in normal form only on foods of pet origin or other fortified foods.

According to experts, zero plant-based foods contain this nutrient, they are not fortified. In this regard, some studies point to aloe vera as a plant that provides a small dose of vitamin N 12.

Thus, among the major sources of vitamin B 12 we find different varieties on meat, fish, eggs, milk with dairy products. All clams with a veal liver boy 2 of the foods richest in this vitamin.

Deficiency problems

With all this, one of the great damages that a deficiency on vitamin B 12 can cause was an appearance on megaloblastic anemia. When well, other symptoms may also appear such as loss of appetite, depression, confusion, dementia, poor memory, mouth ulcers or tongue ulcers.

All hands with feet They may present tingling or numbness, symptoms that could indicate problems on the nerves due to lack of vitamin B 12.

Therefore, a prolonged lack of this nutrient over this time can also cause damage to a nervous system, even people who simply do not have megaloblastic anemia above.

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