They urge the population to take vitamin D in the absence of sunlight

The vitamin D is an essential nutrient for the life of the people . However, a peculiarity of this vitamin is that its main source is the ultraviolet rays of the sun , although small doses can also be incorporated through food. or supplements.

In this sense, it must be taken into account that in each country the incidence of the sun is not the same throughout the year. For example, in much of the year sunny days are enjoyed practically during the four seasons of the year.

Thus, the Scottish health authorities have urged the population to take a daily dose of vitamin D supplement due to lack of light in the country during the autumn and winter period.

Increase the intake of vitamin D in Scotland

This idea comes from the Food Standards Scotland , who have launched a campaign to urge the Scottish population to take vitamin D supplements during the six months of the year in which there is a lack of sunlight in the country.

Persona tomando vitamina
Person taking vitamin

According to experts in the field, Scotland only receives the right kind of sunlight between the months of April and September. This is something that poses a risk of vitamin D deficiency.

And this vitamin is key to bone health and maintaining healthy muscles, in addition to reducing risk of developing multiple diseases.

In this sense, Alana McDonald, senior advisor on nutrition in public health commented that most people should be able to obtain all the nutrients they need from a diet healthy and balanced. This is collected by the medium .

However, vitamin D occurs a circumstance exceptional with. According to experts, more than 80% vitamin D that we present in our body comes from sunlight, while the rest comes from food.

This nutrient is only found in certain foods such as fatty and blue fish, mushrooms, egg yolk or fortified milk. In addition, their presence is small enough to meet the needs of the agency.

The Scottish Government joins the petition

Alana McDonald explains in this regard that in Scotland, we only get enough of the right kind of sunlight for our bodies to produce vitamin D between April and September, which means that for about half the year between October and March it is not possible for our body produces this vitamin from sunlight.

Thus, this expert encourages all citizens to take a daily supplement of 10 micrograms of vitamin D between the months of October and March. This is a request that could soon be copied by other countries that are in the same conditions.

Thus, the Minister of Public Health in Scotland, Maree Todd has also joined this request arguing that throughout life, vitamin D is essential to keep our bones and muscles healthy.

That is why we recommend that everyone in Scotland consider taking a daily vitamin D supplement, particularly during the winter months, when we cannot produce this vitamin from sunlight, says the minister.

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