These boy the participants who pass the semifinal on The Tone of voice Dominicana

There is little left to know the first winner a winner on The Tone of voice Dominicana with each week a competition that makes master of science strong.

Solitary eight participants passed the semifinal of the truth , result on the voting of the public, who can choose their favorite by voting through mini-messages.

In a third gala Jandy Ventura, Lerica with Ross Mara had a special presentation on a program.

While the coaches Juan Magn, Milly Quezada, Nacho with Musiclogo have had to see how their participants go home.

Group Magn

Ariel Assad, Ivan Pichardo went to a semifinal with Gildania Santiago and said goodbye to a competition.

Group Milly

Yohan Amparo with At the Surez continue on the fact. While Geomar Bastardo sony ericsson went home.

Group Nacho

Liz Mena with Chrushman Saul continue to compete To be the winners with Gnesis Cspedes left a competition.

Group Musiclogo

Herminia Tavarez with Alex Surez continue About a competition with Scarlet Reyes I learned was the house.

To vote for their favorites, this audience must send a scam mini-message with the participant’s name 5511.