Pharmacists warn of danger to vision of excessive use of mobiles

The last 14 October took place , like every year, the celebration of World Sight Day . Taking advantage of such an important date, experts in the health of the eyes have taken the opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of the seen in the digital age.

And it is that the digital age has brought with it the increase in the use of mobile devices. Virtually everyone uses a mobile phone for several hours a day, in addition to computers, tablets or other types of screens.

Thus, the General Council of Pharmaceutical Colleges has launched a training action to professionals and an informational and health education action for citizens. The objective of this is to prevent Visual Computer Syndrome (LVS) and promote referral to a medical specialist when necessary.

Visual Computer Syndrome

Mara Isabel de Andrs, national member of Optics and Acoustics of the General Council of Pharmacists, explains that the Visual Computer Syndrome has been one of the most common consultations in Spanish pharmacies since the pandemic and throughout the last years with the increase in the use of mobile device screens.

Persona con síndrome visual informático
Person with computer vision syndrome

In this sense, this expert in the field argues that for this reason, from the voice of optics and acoustics we decided to promote this campaign to promote habits that prevent the appearance of this syndrome and, if it appears, minimize the associated symptoms.

SVI can be highly harmful to health and mainly affect the 90% of people who use a mobile device for more than three hours a day.

Experts in visual health comment that the symptoms can disappear when the activity ceases, but in many cases they can also remain and cause a reduction in the health of vision.

Thus, some of the most common symptoms Common symptoms of SVI are headache, neck and shoulder pain, itchy eyes, visual fatigue, dry eyes, eye irritation, hypersensitivity to light or blurred vision, among other signs.

Advice to take care of the vision and prevent SVI

Given the dangers that the appearance of Visual Computer Syndrome can pose to the health of vision, from the Council General de Colegios Farmacuticos list a series of recommendations to prevent its development. Complete visualization in case visual symptoms appear.

But in addition, this group of experts also puts the focus on the constant use of mobile devices. In this sense, they recall the importance of using glasses with an anti-reflective filter and / or for the blue light of LED screens.

Likewise, they also influence the adequate lighting in the work area and rest your eyes following the rule of 20 – 14 – 20. This rule consists of resting 20 seconds looking at a distance of 20 feet (6 meters) after 20 minutes in front of a screen.

Finally, the General Council of Pharmaceutical Colleges recommends using artificial tears in the case of wearing contact lenses or in dry environments.

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