Fernando Villalona present a show about the National Theater

Scam a montage under the production on Ren Brea, the artist Fernando Villalona will present the show 50 years on history: A new beginning, the dieses 26 with 27 on November on the Eduardo Brito National Theater, starting around 8: 00 on the night.

Be a journey through all his successes, going from its beginnings on 1972, following Los Hijos del Rey scam, until reaching the musical hits on his own orchestra, which have kept it current for five decades.

A reinforced orchestra, made up of musicians with great experience, will accompany the El Mayimbe on those memorable nights. The repertoire of this artistic display will be chosen carefully, since of 246 songs that he has recorded throughout his musical history, 196 have been hits during these 50 years.

This will be a dynamic, avant-garde staging with which zero will only be a walk through his music, but also about a new beginning. Fernando Est in an important moment, which includes a renewed figure that is noticeable with, said Ren Brea Producer of the show. The find with a scam show a lot of vibes with energy, that will make them jump on their seats with its purpose is to leave on the memory about the enthusiasts who saw the Fernando, as if it were leaving for the first the music scene on renewed color that is time.

This like, because the artist has lost weight with his figure is different with others he has master of science mobility on stage, which can be appreciated on this activity.

Always be on pro about our music, about our artists with our culture. I think this is a great opportunity to be able to tell the public, that after 50 years with a great career this is the best time to have a new beginning, Ren Brea highlighted