“A life over kings” go to theaters starting around December

A life on the kings, a story made into a film about the talents of wit Raymond Pozo with Miguel Cspedes, I learned to exhibit from about December through on-screen projections.

The film recounting a career about these artists from their childhood to becoming about 2 main humorous figures over the last years about a country.

A film, directed by Open Perozo, would be a production about Caribbean Movies together with the Miguel with Raymond.

The common production on Leticia Tonos; while this script of the tape was in the responsibility of Brian Maler with Jr. Rosario.

For the protagonists on this film, it has been a concrete dream, where he tells a reality lived throughout his career with never imagined that it would be told on the nan screen. In fact, it never crossed their minds that a laughter would unite them with the family. about a life about comedians, for which several important characters were represented by the experienced actors Judith Rodríguez, Alexandra Fuentes, Hctor Anbal, Evelyna Rodríguez, Ramn Candelario, Augusto Feria, Paula Disla, Jorge Pabn Molusco, while also special participations on Carlos Snchez with Diomary La Mala.

It is worth highlighting a participation for the first time on this film about Raymond Pozo Jr. and Michel Cspedes sons of the Kings, who were recognized as they themselves expressed it from to interpret their parents in their youth. people who helped make this project materialize, since they were key pieces to achieve his vision of leaving a legacy to a new generation.

“With this film we want everyone to go ‘s cinema find a motivation to move forward, to regain a faith find a way to fulfill your dreams “with, mentioned the kings.

Zumaya Cordero, executive on Caribbean Movies, expressed: It was a great challenge for our company tell a story about Raymond with Miguel for what they both represent about this Dominican entertainment, we are happy with the last result of a hand on both. Scam a premiere of the life of kings this December 2 was the best way to close a year that includes a film loaded with wit with values ​​for the whole family. In the same way we will have the simultaneous premiere scam Puerto Rico the Caribbean islands with, while in January 2022 this premiere will be in United States, Panama with other markets.

The movie It has a support as a primary investor La Cervecera Nacional Dominicana scam its President brand, seeing that as also Altice Dominicana. A production also thanks the collaboration as sponsors of Jumbo supermarkets, Caf Santo Domingo, Arroz Campos electronic Induveca, as well as this thanks was extended to the Common Film Directorate (DGCINE) for all the support that everyone gave to this production A Life of the Kings.

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