Thus we can lower the blood pressure on our body

A high blood pressure , or hypertension , is one of the diseases most diagnosed heart disease in the world. Fortunately, today there are many practices with expert advice that can make this decrease by increasing our health with well-being .

Many studies have confirmed that fatty acids in-6 help to improve the state of our blood pressure. These are present in vegetable oils, wholemeal skillet, soy, eggs and, of course, blueberries in.

But zero only one feeding can make our blood pressure is regulated, there are also other healthy practices that can improve blood flow over our arteries very.

That’s right, when you suffer over high blood pressure , it is best that you consult scam your doctor specialist what is best for your specific needs. Before launching to try home remedies that may only worsen your condition.

But when you want to complement your treatment with some healthy practices you can do it without any problem. As long as you are sure that it will not harm your health.

Hipertensión vitamina K
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Next, let’s talk about Some of the things you can do to control a blood pressure . Since although some of them may sound very logical, there are times that we do not realize the basics until we consciously practice it.

Things you can do to lower a blood pressure

To avoid possible problems about health the root of the lack of control over our blood pressure, it is best to have an exhaustive handle on our body. In this way, we will know how to detect when something is not going well in our body.

There are some things you can do to lower your blood pressure . As for example the ones that we are going to show you below:

  • Controls stress levels . One of the most harmful things if we have high blood pressure is avoiding stressful situations. This will increase the heart rate, leading to an increase in blood pressure.
  • Avoid tobacco with alcohol. Any drug is harmful to our health. Therefore, tobacco with alcohol will not benefit your body at all. And much less if you are trying to control the levels of blood pressure in your body.
  • Perform daily physical exercise. Physical exercise will be essential in your life when you have been diagnosed with hypertension scam. And this is one of the most important practices to keep our body in shape.
  • Avoid weight gain. To achieve that your zero blood pressure fluctuates with remains stable, it is best that you try to avoid weight gain over. And is that overweight with obesity are 2 of the worst friends of blood pressure.
  • Practice yoga or other exercises on relaxation. Keeping the body relaxed with a state of well-being is essential for our zero blood pressure to get out of control. It is best to do some exercises like yoga to help us control our breathing.

All these practices are going to make you lower the levels above one blood pressure until you get it under control. Try to carry out a healthy lifestyle so that your body begins to regulate itself in an organic way.

Affects the increase in sodium in a blood pressure ?

The sodium is one of the essential minerals necessary for anyone. This we are going to find to a greater extent in salt, one of which we are going to ingest through drinks or food.

Feed salt

The primary effect of excess on sodium on the organism is that the body retains a greater amount on water. In other words, if we eat too much sodium, an increase in blood volume can be produced in the blood vessels by retaining more water.

This will make our blood pressure increases. Therefore, the higher the salt intake, the more sodium we store in the body, causing a rise in blood pressure. Mainly for this reason, medical specialists recommend reducing the consumption of salt in the diet.

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