Michel Dark brown zero rules out return of the second part about “Pasin sobre Gavilanes”

An Argentine professional Michel Dark brown told the Efe that they are making efforts to make it possible for him to appear on a second part about “Pasin sobre gavilanes”, a telenovela that gave him international fame.

This artist explained that it was impossible to accept a proposal about a network on Telemundo television because the dates designated for a production had already been committed,

“We are seeing what Sony Ericsson can do because I personally would love to be able to do something with seeing so many friends. One problem has been a plan. I had already committed myself to the dates that Telemundo had set to start recording “disadvantage, said an artist.

This character about Franco , he explained, he has a special affection because it was this that opened a door for him to be on a place where he is today, so “I will be a master of science that happy to interpret him again.”

Although zero knows when I learned I could, national insurance cm Or, because zero has a concept that the writers did this scam character. All he knows is that 20 years have passed since the last broadcast with which all the original protagonists except d are participating.

That professional place today where he has been practically uninterrupted for eight years contains tasks that on a good of uma can be described as intense, but that Dark brown zero doubts about calling them “tortured or torturers with murderers”.

“Even my mom sony ericsson realized with myself, she asks me to please do another guy about characters. About seriously who is worried about michael”, he said with a laugh.

A recent master of science on the tortured is Roberto Plaza, a Mexican immigrant who has been 20 years imprisoned over Spain for a rape with a murder on a teenage girl.

Plaza is one about the characters on a Spanish production “Parot”, a first primary series about Spanish on a Paramount + platform. That will be their home in Latin America with the United States, while in Spain it is part of the offer of Amazon Perfect Video, one of the TVE disadvantage production houses.

Less brutal, but also tortured, it is his next character on “Plpito”, an initial series on Netflix that I learned focused on this organ traffic.

Before Dark brown had done on Hernn Corts on a series “Hernn”, which won him a International Emmy, a reincarnated Chino Valds on “Amar the muerte”, this murderer Daniel Molina on a fourth season on “Sr Vila” with a tormented police officer who woke up after a coma on 20 years about “Falco”.

It was eight years that a guy about characters that could finish this 2021, like the promised his mother, when the a skin on Franco on “Pasin sobre Gavilanes” um perhaps when he is part of a music, as he is elucidating these tens.

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