Led by Angelina Jolie, Marvel Expands Its Universe With “Eternals”

Angelina Jolie led the arrival in Rome of the “Eternals”, a team of superheroes that marks a new era in the Marvel house, multi-ethnic and equal, which also holds many future surprises for its legion of followers.

“I feel privileged because I love this story and the diversity and inclusion that the cast and this family represent. I hope it becomes the norm,” advocated the actress in the presentation, at the closing of the Party of the Cinema of Rome.

The Marvel house expands its cinematographic universe with its delivery 25, the “Eternals”, adaptation of the comics by Jack Kirby (1978) shot by Chlo Zhao, who gives a twist to her career after films like the Oscar-winning “Nomadland” (2020).


The film starts in the world left by “Avengers: Endgame” (2019), having recovered half of the population that had perished after the deadly finger snap from the villain Thanos.

In this context, that of a world in apparent normality, the evil “Deviants” emerge to threaten the human race again, forcing the “Eternals” to take up arms, an alien race created by gods and that lives infiltrated on Earth. for thousands of years.

The first thing that catches your eye is a team of superheroes from different cultures. In the equal cast, there are two Asian heroes, played by the British Gemma Chan and the Korean Don Lee; another Pakistani (Kumail Nanjiani), a Hispanic, Salma Hayek, or two blacks, the Americans Lauren Ridloff and Brian Tyree Henry.

But that squad of rescuers also has the form of a plea for diversity . Marvel has chosen for the first time to make one of its characters not only homosexual, but also happily married with a son and, and another uses sign language to communicate his battle companions with.

The The director explained at the press conference that when she joined the project there was already a “brilliant” treatment of the Marvel script but her intention was to give a special touch to the heroes.

“It was chosen to create to some characters outside the usual schemes. We took a step back to develop a much wider universe and tell stories that other films had not told us “, confessed the director before the Roman public.


The film delves into an ancient archetype such as literature and the myths of humanity, that of the damaged hero, although this time these wonders have a creator, so they will have to consider whether fulfill her designs or leave them.

Jolie gives life to “Thena”, a powerful warrior goddess capable of ar forms any type of weapon from cosmic energy but, despite its strength and abilities, something is broken inside.

“We all have scars from damage, so do I I have my wounds, “acknowledged the actress, to further augur that the film can instill strength in people who suffer from a mental health problem,” especially young people, “she pointed out.


In this characteristic it plays against the passing of the years since the Eternals have been created by their heavenly parents precisely for that, so as not to die.

And the question to the cast was almost timely: Who would want to live forever?

Only the director recognized with laughter that she did not mind not dying, while the rest of the actors who She was accompanied by Richard Madden, Kit Harrington, Jolie or Chan, the latter the only one the comics house had already worked with, in “Captain Marvel” (2019).


The “Eternals” promise the viewer to return and will also do so with several surprises at Marvel, for which it is recommended not to get up from the seat until the end of the credits.

One has to do with the announced and expected interpretation of Harrington, star of “Game of thrones”, as Dane Whiteman, the “Black Knight” of the comics of the Sixties.

While another of the surprises is the jump to the big screen of Eros, another superhero to which a famous singer gives life. The family grows and curves arrive. EFE

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