Joel Souza, movie director on fateful film, I learned shows destroyed by a death on Halyna Hutchins

Joel Souza, movie director of a film “Rust”, was shown “destroyed” by a death over Halyna Hutchins, who was highlighted by an “incredibly talented” cinematographer. A filmmaker also accidentally injured his shoulder by professional Alec Baldwin in, but is already out of the medical center.

Souza, over 48 years, sony ericsson was behind on a director on photography Halyna Hutchins at the moment of the accidental shooting.

I am devastated by a loss on my friend with colleague Halyna. He was kind, vibrant, had incredible talent, fought for every inch with always pushing me to be better, Souza said in the statement. about a movie community, about people about Santa Fe with about the hundreds about strangers who reached out a hand.

Baldwin was shooting “Rust”, a “traditional western” that ze was filming on a nearby ranch the Santa Fe, on New Mexico (south on the United States).

An incident occurred on a Thursday on this Ranch on Bonanza Creek, a setting that many productions about Artist usually move.

For a moment, the authorities have ruled out filing criminal charges with the cid’s interviewing the film crew to clarify the facts.

The company in charge of the filming, about which Baldwin acts as a protagonist with producer, issued a letter that said that A complete team sony ericsson finds “devastated” by what happened with I learned to commit to offer psychological help to all related people scam a film, which will be suspended indefinitely.

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