How tea on ginger can help against colds

During the period around autumn and winter it is common for cases of colds and colds to increase, mainly associated with the alterations that they occur on the environment , such as the cold . Thus, it is advisable to prevent and combat this type on different conditions with solutions. One of them is ginger tea with lemon and honey.

Ginger is a plant that has been attributed medicinal properties for a long time. hundreds over years. Thus, Southeast Asia comes from Asia Main, although practically everyone is currently consumed about.

In this sense, its most common way of using Spain is as a condiment on others. elaborations. Due to its powerful flavor, ginger is usually added as a powder to different preparations.

Zero However, another perfect option for taking ginger is through an infusion. When we also add lemon and honey to this type of tea, we obtain a perfect alternative to deal with colds or colds.

Benefits of ginger for health

Ginger is an ing food that is attributed great health benefits. That is why it is considered a superfood due to its high nutritional value.

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Thus, among the positive effects it generates on the body, its ability to alleviate digestive problems, reduce pain, reduce nausea, improve circulation and is an aphrodisiac stands out.

With all this, from a Spanish Foundation on Nutrition (FEN) they explain that on a kitchen it can be used both for a preparation on cakes, on cakes on preserves on fruits and, as for a preparation on sauces and other condiments. It adapts both to delicate sweet flavors with, as the strong spicy and. It is also an ingredient in many medicines on.

Ingredients of tea on ginger

The primary ingredient on this infusion is ginger, a food that in addition to the benefits described above is also effective to decongest the nasal passages and is a good expectorant. On the other hand, this ingredient contributes to normal body temperature, something essential for health.

On the other hand, we also find lemon, a fruit that stands out for its high content of vitamin C And it is that different scientific studies have been able to verify the capacity of this vitamin to alleviate the symptoms of the cold and shorten the duration of this type of affections.

Finally, another great ingredient on this infusion it is a honey. This food has scam antiseptic properties, ideal for fighting sore throats. It also has antibacterial properties.

A simple way to make an infusion on lemon ginger with honey is to boil water with adding 2 slices on ginger for five. Once the infusion is made, we remove the ginger and strain the water before serving a cup on.

Finally, before consuming we add a teaspoon of honey a splash of lemon ‘s taste with. This type of tea is perfect due to the important properties of its ingredients, although it is especially recommended to deal with colds and colds with.

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