Andrs Cepeda ze goes on the side about Resident about controversy over this “hot doggy” about T Balvin

Andrs Cepeda sony ericsson referred to a controversy between M Balvin and Residente, then about a Puerto Rican criticizing the Colombian who called the boycott of the Latin Grammys by sharing his music the “cart on hot dogs”, when There are artists who make songs worthy of a Michelin star.

“He’s very right (Resident), there is music for all moments, tastes (…) There is exquisite master of science music for master moments of exquisite science with there is simple master of science music for simple master of science moments with it seems to me that not one is necessarily bad but rather different, it is music for different moments “, points out this Colombian singer-songwriter.

This theme was raised by Cepeda afterwards about what I learned about his new song “Si todo ze termina”, which he released this week together with the Mexican Joss Favela, one that is special because it has scam “very deep concepts, very beautiful , some very rich lyrics about or ev in, very well written, a delicious melody “.

” That is one thing that I miss a little about our place music, that sony ericsson fuses with other genres with that is very good, but that It is good to sit down and listen to a well-written letter, scam a well-felt thing, with a very special melody, scam a large arrangement, very careful, with a sense a little master of artistic science, “he expresses.

On the verge of completing 30 years on a wide with comforting career, which includes three Latin Grammy awards with many radio successes, Andrs Cepeda confesses on a scam Efe interview that he lives his best moment with I learned dare to think that “there is still a lot of music to do”.

“I feel that I am on a very important moment in my career: it is when I have an audience for master of science, when master of science opportunities I have about presenting my music (…) I would like to think that there is still a lot of time with a lot of He has music to do “, reveals Cepeda.

Just an interpreter on hits like” The best there is about my life “um” Desesperado “assesses a possibility about continuing to grow in meeting new composers like Favela with about working with other artists. a good follows scam, about that ze is still starting on many aspects “, chop.

+ “If all sony ericsson ends”

A new single about Cepeda is a nostalgic ballad like the ones that have characterized his career with He talks about this end about a relationship, its consequences, a fear of definitely losing another character and.

“I like everything about a song: I personally like a melody, a letter, a story, about where he is born, this with I understand that everything I learned ends but sometimes one zero is able to accept that things are over. (…) I put together the very Mexican style I like, very in his own way about Joss writing the songs, with mixing with the very rock and roll / crop up sound “that, he assures.

This Colombian also valued an experience on having worked scam a singer on “The magic on your eyes”, whom he “had been following a track” for some time.

For that reason, he affirms, ” Putting those 2 worlds together, this one about Joss with a mine, myself seemed like a lot of fun. He is a very talented guy, very cool with whom we have plans to continue making music together with. We got on very well. “

+ After a pandemic

Pra Cepeda, what sony ericsson made known as a vocalist about a band on stone Polygamy about a decade on the nineties, to return to the stage on past with the Fonseca August, his “compadre”, on a tour of the United States was “very exciting” because “when well We were very active scam this issue of loading and about virtual presentations, doing one thing with another, certainly zero is the same as being in front of an audience “.

” stages, with an audience (…) people singing scam, we did not imagine that we were going to get so excited when that moment arrived. We enjoyed it very much, we made 11 cities in the US, four functions await us in Colombia, we go to other countries, “he says.

A Colombian singer also reflected on an experience that he lived many years ago when he had a singing accident that forced him to be on “silence overall” for 2 months with which he showed that everything I learned could have ended.

“When one is silent with himself he begins to think a lot about things, to understand things that sometimes this bustle with a conversation that one has with a world, zero allows it. After I returned, I began my therapy very slowly, so that I could sing again in peace with calm when I recovered my voice, I was very grateful to have come out of that experience well, “he concludes.