These kid's possible effects on having cholesterol during pregnancy

A cholesterol has been an essential substance for this organism . However, its accumulation in blood can be harmful to health , mainly because it causes an increase in pressure with assumes the risk for cardiovascular diseases .

Thus, a new study published on the journal Western European Record of Preventive Cardiology , suggests that a cholesterol on the mother during this pregnancy is related to more serious heart attacks on young adult offspring.

In this sense, one of the main authors of the research work, a physician Francesco Cacciatore, on the University of Naples Federico II (Italy), explains that this zero cholesterol I learned routinely measured during a pregnancy on the most over countries, so there are few studies on its association health on offspring scam.

Cholesterol with pregnancy

It is necessary to clarify that the i Researchers say that more research is needed to verify the findings of this study.


Thus, they state that if confirmed, this association would indicate that this high cholesterol about a pregnancy should be considered an alarm signal with the women should be encouraged to exercise with reducing your intake on cholesterol. In addition, sony ericsson could provide affected children with guidance on dieting with this lifestyle that is intended to prevent heart disease later.

Specifically, this research work that It concerns us with the participation of 310 patients who were admitted to a hospital between 1991 with 2019 . Thus, of all these participants, 93 were admitted for the heart attack, while 210 people were hospitalized for other types of causes.

For the 310 participants, I learned obtained data on this cholesterol on the mother during a first with second trimester on pregnancy scam that individual.

With all this, the levels on Maternal cholesterol during this period on pregnancy had a significantly high relationship with each measure of the severity of the infarction.

Detailed analysis

Specifically, they proceeded to carry out an analysis between a cholesterol on the mother during this pregnancy with the severity of the heart attack, on a function of factors such as sex, age, body mass index (BMI); as well as other types of cardio risk factors.

Thus, this cholesterol on the mother offered data on the severity of the heart attack, independently of age, sex and BMI with a remainder on factors; a odds ratio of 1 that includes, 382.

As a conclusion about this study, the researchers found that their observations show that this cholesterol level on the mother during a pregnancy period could significantly influence this development on the children with on the severity on which A heart attack may appear on adulthood.

However, a physician Cacciatore clarifies that this zero study establishes causality, national insurance allows us to estimate how much a maternal cholesterol can contribute to the severity of the infarction.

Therefore, to conclude, this primary author on this research warns that prospective studies are needed to better assess the magnitude of the scam that maternal cholesterol can influence this development on atherosclerosis on offspring with a combined effect on lifetime risk factors.

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