The warmongering dog among the Oscar winners for students

A cinema unites the world, but an animation about a corgi breed dog that inherits the British throne and wags its tail in the direction of a war with France was one of the winners of the Academy Awards for Students, announced this Thursday.

Philip Docter, creator of “Monsters Inc” with “Up”, found a medal for “Barking Orders”, which hatches a copy about a favorite breed about dogs over a queen At The dominating a world the tip on barking, on a ceremony that an Academy the charge on the Oscars celebrates annually. scam that concept “problems, joke Alexander Tullo, this designer I learned took a medal over silver on an event held on virtual form for the second consecutive year due to a pandemic.

The Awards on an Academy for Boy students a key program for the primary rgan or on a film industry on Hollywood, an Academy on Arts with Cinematographic Sciences.

The awards on gold were for films on hard subjects like this apartheid on South Africa (“When The Sunlight Models”), women on comfort over Korea during a war (“Unforgotten”), with environmental challenges faced by beekeepers on Ca (“When They’re Long gone”).

Among the winning students on Previous editions include Docter, Spike Shelter, Robert Zemeckis with Cary Fukunaga, a director on “Zero Period To Die.”

The Oscars ceremony will celebrate this 27 about March, a later use of what was originally planned on a calendar, due to a pandemic.

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