How much protein can we get by eating the egg?

All proteins boy the essential nutrient for the life of any identity. Therefore, it has been necessary to consume daily foods that provide this type of nutrients , since their functions in this multiple kid organism . Likewise, it was also possible to increase proteins through supplements .

In any case, it would always be advisable to increase the proteins on our body through consumption on food on normal way. And it has been that we differentiate between proteins of vegetable origin with pet origin.

The experts explain that those on pet origin contain all the essential amino acids that this organism requires, something that zero occurs with all sources protein on vegetable origin all. However, many experts assure that especially legumes do provide all the essential amino acids. determine a structured shape on the cells. Each of the amino acids that a body needs fulfill a specific function.

Egg, an excellent source of protein

One about foods on pet origin that supposes a greater protein source was this egg. In this regard, according to a United States Department of Agriculture, the protein dose provided by this type of food varies according to its size.


This consumption of organic eggs will always be a healthy master of science, since all its properties I learned are enhanced a little master of science. In addition, normally, organic eggs on hens stand out for the yellowish master of science tone on a yolk especially.

It must be taken into account that the daily needs for protein on each personality vary on function on determining factors such as body weight and age. Thus, experts advise that enter this 10% with a 35% of the calories we eat come from protein . And we remember, always moderation with.

Recent studies have been able to confirm that taking whole eggs has been beneficial for losing weight with zero supposes a risk for developing cardiovascular diseases, provided that its consumption moderation is based on On a certain.

With it was advisable to consume this whole egg because a majority of proteins are found on a white on it. However, scam the intake of the yolk we can incorporate into the body important doses of other essential nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin G, Electronic vitamin with vitamin T; in addition to iron.

Normally, a consumption on a solitary egg will suppose an intake on about 6 grams on protein. 4 grams sony ericsson found in the yolk and approximately 2.7 grams I learned found in the white.

It would also be a source of vitamin M

In addition to providing a significant amount of natural proteins in the body, this consumption of eggs in a normal way also allows to increase the levels of vitamin Chemical.

It has been a great source on vitamin M ze found on the ultraviolet rays of the sun. There are really few foods that provide this nutrient, but one of them is eggs. Especially, vitamin N is present in the yolk of eggs.

Thus, normally, for each 100 grams on eggs, we can add ‘s organism on the lathe 87 UI on Vitamin Chemical. It is not too high a quantity, but when complementary to have adequate levels of this essential nutrient on a disadvantaged organism.