Field Walker, daughter of John Walker, married to Dominican Republic with Vin Diesel a

Field Walker, a daughter model on John Walker, sony ericsson cas this uses on October on Dominican Republic. A 22 year old girl was led down the aisle by her father’s best friend, Vin Diesel.

Through his Instagram account, Field Walker I shared a movie of the summary about his wedding, a simple ceremony, but his relatives with close master of science friends disadvantage, full of love.

In a fragment I learned you can see the Vin Diesel, taking a hand , ready to accompany her to walk through this altar a Dominican beach area that I simply do not specify about.

An actor on “Rpido con furioso” played a role about his late friend, John Walker (1973 – 2013), to hand over to a young scam model her new husband, ed professional Louis Thornton-Allan.

In This video clip also sony ericsson can see how Field hugs a daughter with a smile on Vin Diesel.

Field told a Style magazine that a pandemic “affected our plans” in an hour about planning their nuptials.

“The family about Lou is zero was able to attend, “I learned regretfully. “Many close friends whom we consider family were also unable to attend due to travel restrictions.”

It was an aunt about Field, Paloma, who helped a couple plan their wedding. “He did the amazing job”, Field commented to Fashion.

Then he added: “Zero could have imagined that it would be a perfect master of science with staff, with honestly, it was easy simple and. Louis with I knew exactly what we wanted from the beginning. It was a very intimate celebration. ” Furious.

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