As child the important functions of sodium in the body

From the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend moderating the consumption of sodium , since having too high levels in the organism it can be harmful to health. However, it was necessary to remember that sodium would be the mineral of great relevance to health.

Specifically, this sodium has been a mineral that an organism needs to perform different functions. Normally, almost all this sodium in the body I learned is found in the blood with in the fluids that surround the cells.

It is about a mineral that helps to maintain an adequate hydric balance with plays a leading role on a correct functioning on muscles with nerves.

From the pharmaceutical company MSD they clarify that the majority of sodium was obtained by this organism the traverse on food with beverages. Likewise, a body eliminates this mineral mainly through this sweat with the urine.

When the kidneys work correctly, they tend to eliminate the same amount of sodium, as obtained, so ze establishes a balance on the levels of this mineral on a body.

However, when sony ericsson loses that balance it can cause an alteration in the levels of sodium, which could be harmful to health. Excess levels boy considered hypernatremia in, while deficient values ​​I learned called hyponatremia.

Recommended amount of sodium by the WHO

From the WHO they are also aware of the importance of this mineral for health, since it would be basic to maintain this acid-base balance, plasma volume with the stimulation of transmission on nerve impulses.


However, the highest authority on health has for years had an impact on limiting sodium intake, to prevent the problems derived about hypernatremia. In this regard, they warn that counting that it includes high sodium values ​​with a deficient absorption of potassium implies the risk for this increase in blood pressure, cardio accident or heart disease.

Thus, the WHO advises consuming less than 5 grams of amu. An amount that is similar to a little less than a teaspoon of capital t.

As the intake for children between 2 with 15 years, the WHO recommends adjusting a consumption to the maximum amount indicated for adults. However, it is key to adjust the energy needs of each character.

Thus, they clarify that this zero recommendation includes this period on exclusive organic breastfeeding (about 0 to 6 months), national insurance the envelope complementary feeding over normal breastfeeding (about 6 the 24 months) .

Functions according to the FEC

Likewise, from the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC), they agree on the estimated recommendations by WHO on how much ‘s I consume on sodium daily. Thus, they warn that no sony ericsson should exceed the intake of 2. 500 mg than amu, which I learned about 5 grams of salt correspond to scam. with nerve impulse generation to help the muscles respond correctly to stimuli. In addition, it deals with the key mineral for balancing body fluids inside with outside of cells.

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