Abinader congratulates Este Alfa for their show on this Madison Block Garden

A president Luis Abinader congratulates urban singer Este Alfa, then on performing last night the full house on Madison Rectangle Garden, on New York, the scene coveted by many artists.

A president said That a singer scam his show showed that effort with, sacrifice with discipline and achieves this success. where he was also accompanied by Fernando Villalona, ​​Un Cherry Scom, J Balvin, Farruko, Dj Adonis with Tag B, Shelow Shaq.

Felicito’s exponent of the urban genre Emanuel Herrera Batista, better known as @elalfaeljefe, for your great night on this Madison Pillow Garden. This Alpha demonstrated that with effort, sacrifice and discipline, success can be achieved. Thank you for raising our flag. #OrgulloDominicano ??.

About a show, which I learned developed the full house, An Alfa said that this zero achievement is about d, but about the Dominican Republic, the country where his talent was born.

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