6 warnings from your brain of Alzheimer's risk

Alzheimer’s is one of the neurodegenerative diseases most diagnosed worldwide. And it is that this problem affects the parts of the brain responsible for language, memory and learning. What is going to affect our health in a resounding and immediate way.

Despite all the research that has been carried out until the Currently, the disease of Alzheimer’s remains a mystery as to its origin. And, especially, in the most appropriate strategy to seek an effective cure.

For this reason, it is worth knowing some of the alerts that our brain sends us to prevent and combat your condition. Although it is one of the diseases that are most difficult to stop today, since no effective treatment has been developed for now .

Yes, we can try to delay its appearance by doing mental exercises daily that make us increase brain activity and improve our cognitive capacity.

For all this, this article in, we are going to talk about some of the most common warnings that can appear in your body before the disease develops . And of course note that, if you have any questions, you should go to the doctor to perform the relevant tests and start treating it.

6 common warnings of Alzheimer’s risk

It is very important to be alert and be aware of all the negative effects that may be affecting the normal functioning of our brain . And this is a perfect machine that works tirelessly to control our mental capacities , making us enjoy good health .

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Therefore, it is worth knowing when something it is not going well to try to remedy it as soon as possible. Next, we are going to see the 6 most common warnings of risk of Alzheimer’s :

  • Decreased ability to react to unforeseen events.
  • Changes in memory that hinder the normal course of the day.
  • Loss of vision or Difficulty seeing clearly.
  • Decreased language ability and loss of critical thinking.
  • Difficulty following the normal development of social activities.
  • Place objects out of place.

When a person is beginning to develop the disease , the normal thing is that they begin to have small alterations in their day to day that impair the normal course of the journey. Although this can be totally normal for a healthy person, it is best if we have doubts we consult a doctor with.

The World Health Organization ( WHO ), due to the increase in cases in recent years, forecast for the year 2030 an incidence of almost 47. 7 million people in the world with Alzheimer’s . If at that point no effective cure for the disease has yet been discovered.

Do changes in the gut microbiota affect the development of Alzheimer’s?

Dr. David Prez Martnez, head of the Neurology Neurophysiology service at Hospital La Luz y, has carried out an investigation where he affirms that changes in the intestinal flora could be after one of the causes of Alzheimer’s .

Enfermedades neurologĂ­a Alzheimer
Person with Alzheimer’s

Currently there are ongoing trials that reinforce the origin of Alzheimer testing substances that eliminate the pathogens present in the oral cavity that cause periodontitis. And that has been associated with Alzheimer’s disease, explains Prez Martnez.

Chronic infections and changes in the intestinal microbiota could be behind Alzheimer’s disease, ends.